Meta:Online test proctoring has turned into a utility, as companies are increasingly looking to hire remote workforce. Find out how proctoring services works.

Is your company looking to conduct an online exam? If yes, it will definitely need a proctoring service.

Today organizations are building global workforce and hiring across the world. In order to hire and assess candidates for their respective role, assessment tests are conducted online. But how do companies ensure that candidate isn’t cheating or involved in an unwarranted activity. What if the real candidate isn’t taking the exam, and is an imposter. That’s exactly where exam proctoring services come in! They help to ensure that tests are taken in a cheat-free environment without a human supervision.

exam proctoring services

Not just assessments, companies can now also this service to deliver learning and development programs to employees. Online training and orientation sessions can also be conducted easily with this. Proctoring services are delivered via two ways– Live proctoring – This is the most preferred means for proctoring for online examinations. In this, candidates are overseen by a live proctor and the test is time bound. If any unwarranted activity is detected, test is cancelled. In case of live proctoring, candidates are required to stay on test windows. Use of any other tabs in the browser also nullifies the test.

Further to confirm that the right candidate is taking test, OTP (One-time password) and Biometric identities are required.

It’s not just the candidates, on the other side of the screen, proctors also have to be validated before they get access to the result & performance of the candidate.  Recorded proctoring – With this, several logs and images are captured while a candidate is taking an exam. These logs can be later checked for errors or unwarranted activity. Here any signs of malicious activity void the test.

Currently, the above two methods of proctoring are used around the world. Systems, however, are getting advance every passing day. Artificial intelligence has further enabled these systems to do their job better. Technologies like deep learning are taking computer vision into account and developing proctoring software that can detect faces and further authenticate the candidate’s identity. This is getting more advance each day.  Point is– if there’s any concern related to identity authentication, it has already been taken care of by advance software.  So go for a proctoring service without any hesitation.

Affordability is another factor to account for if you’re looking for an online examination system. Depending on the number of candidates taking the test, pricing is decided by companies offering proctoring service and price accordingly.

In a nut shell, the effectiveness of traditional written examinations can now be better administered by proctoring services. Responses can be collected faster. Overall, they make conducting exams faster. Hence, turn out to be a better option to conduct exams.
If all this translates into more efficient and transparent way of conducting assessments for companies, educational institutions, enterprises, shouldn’t exam proctoring be the only choice for time being? Who could tell? Like with everything technology, only time will.