Running the school with having a traditional classroom, then it’s a time to change the traditional school room into a virtual classroom.  If you want to make the classroom virtual, then Creating Interactive Learning Spaces is the best installation you can get from the VIVI technology. This is one of the proven and best methods to make the traditional school room into a virtual schoolroom, so that teacher can easily help the entire class from one place. It is a great initiative for the student’s productivity and increasing their learning skills. After the installation of the VIVI technology teacher now can teach the entire class from one corner and in a proper way. Students will also get the entire information about the topic, and they will also seem too interested in the class and listen to the teacher properly for the better grades. By using VIVI technology, students can also share their thoughts with the entire class easily with the help of this technology.

Benefits of VIVI wireless presentation solutions:

  • Simple to manage: This is one of great technology for screen sharing in the class and school at the time of presentation. The teacher and student will get equal benefits from this technology. This is best for the entire school and makes the school virtual, which helps the students to learn even more in the traditional classroom.

wireless presentation solutions

  • Feature of Video Play: By using VIVI technology, teachers can play high-quality video on the screen. With the connection of the internet, anyone can play the direct video on this screen for the information about the topic to the school and classroom. It can easily connect with the wired network, so it will not give an impact on the speed of the Wi-Fi network of the school.
  • Compatibility: There are different types of screen sharing technology available in the market, but not all of them [provide the full compatibility with the entire electronic devices. If you need a screen sharing technology, then VIVI technology is best for you, because it is compatible with the Windows and Mac Operating system. The electronic devices like mobile, PCs, Laptop, and Mac is compatible with VIVI technology.
  • Full Screen: The VIVI wireless presentation solutions technology you can use in any electronic device and it will also offer a high-quality video play option with the full-screen option. It is compatible with the PC, Laptop, Mac, and Mobiles, etc. In every electronic device, it provides the full-screen video option in every electronic device.
  • Engagement of Teacher: If we compare the traditional classroom with the virtual classroom, the teacher has to stand in the class for the entire time to teach the students, but now with the help of VIVI technology, now the teacher can teach the entire class by sitting in one corner of the class. By installing the VIVI technology, it will allow teachers to teach every student of the class without any trouble for the feedback.