Birthday calls for an amazing party and some exciting gifts. Sometimes, shopping for guys becomes a boring one but when you have a stylish guy to gift, the whole shopping process becomes an enjoyable one. Because you really get a lot of things to lay your hands on. So, take a look at some of those very interesting things that would serve great as birthday gifts for him.

Pathani Suits:
There is a famous saying that “Lucknow Da kurta, pathani salwar, tab lagemardwarnahaibekar”. It means, if a guy is not wearing a Kurta of Lucknow or Pathani suit then he doesn’t quite look like a guy. It holds some truth I guess. If a guy can manage to look great in Western wear or three piece suit, he is going to look extra-ordinarily good in pathani suit. The style conscious guys know the trends well and has everything trendy in his wardrobe. So, with a brand new pathani suit surprise him on his birthday.

Wood tie:

It may sound a bit weird and crazy but believe me Mr. Style Icon is going to love this gift totally. This one is a unique and stylish tie made out of beautiful and reclaimed wood. It is a lightweight and flexible one and would be a matter of envy among peers.

Stylized boat show:

Water-resistant leather shoes would be a perfect partner for the stylish guy who is about to go for a vacation to the backwaters or seashores. He can wear these shoes in and out of water and that too without making his style statement suffer.

birthday gift

Deerstalker hat:

He is stylish and that’s why he knows the perfect way to don a cap or hat. So, don’t worry much and buy a deerstalker hat for him. It is a warm and close fitting tweed cap with brims in front as well as behind. The ear flaps can be tied together either over the head or below the chin. If you pressurize your brain a bit, you would remember seeing sketches of Sherlock Holmes with this kind of hat.

HD Headphones:

HD headphones also add a lot to your total get up. The crystal clear sound of these headphones along with a flexible design and comfortable ear plugs would give your loved ones immense pleasure. One can also switch across incoming calls and soothing songs.

Colorful socks:

Gone are the days of only white, black, and grey colored socks were worn by male. Now, men don’t fear to try out some colors. And your stylish man is always the first one of the group to experiment with various colors. He would love those multicolored socks.

Hope you have found a specific birthday gift for the boy who loves to live in style.