Street food is nostalgia for most of the people. There is hardly any individual exist who doesn’t love the taste of street foods. The spicy and tangy taste of these foods really satisfies our mind and taste buds. Lots of memories are associated with the street foods and so, to recall these memories, some of the street foods are discussed below:

Chana Batata: Chana Batata is a Bohri style side dish. The particular dish is tangy, spicy, sweet, and savoury. The particular tanginess is associated with the Tamarind water (or chutney). The sweetness is involved with the jaggery. Another important flavour that makes this recipe somewhat special from any regular Chana (Chickpeas) recipe is a significant amount of coriander powder. It is topped with lime and minced onions. Chana Batata is the perfect for your evening snack. Some people also add spicy coriander chutney as well as sweet yoghurt as a garnish. You can find out the chana batata recipe from various websites on the internet.

Vada Pav: It is one of the most popular street foods among the people. It is available in every street, crossroad, corner, and turn. Pav is a bread bun that is stuffed with mashed potato (in between the bread) that is called ‘Vada’. The particular mouth-watering dish is served along with sweet and spicy chutneys, garlic powder chutney, as well as fried chillies.

Pav Bhaji: It is originated in Maharashtra. Now, it is also available in various regional variations, but the traditional Maharashtrian Pav Bhaji is considered as an evergreen favorite. Basically, Pav is bread that is being heated on a pan along with a light application of butter, as well as ‘Bhaji’, is a Marathi word that implies vegetables. It is a combination of vegetables that are mashed as well as cooked along with seasonings and spices. It is served in a tray with Pav as well as sides like onions, tomatoes, and a piece of lemon, and specifically, a dollop of butter on the top of it.

Pani Puri: It is known by different names in different parts. It is one of the most popular street snacks. The particular dish is associated with round, fried, hollow, and crisp Puri, stuffed with a spicy mixture of potatoes, chickpeas, spices, as well as tamarind chutney and most especially, spicy water made of chili and Pani. All of the ingredients do a magic inside our mouth.

Bhel Puri: It is a kind of flavourful chaat. It is associated with puffed rice that is mixed with raw vegetables, such as tomatoes, onions and it is seasoned in a tamarind sauce.

Dosa: It is a staple South Indian dish. It is a thin pancake-like food. Dosa is made of fermented rice batter.  There are various types of Dosa, such as Chinese Dosa, Schezwan cheese Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa, and Jini Dosa. They are associated with many types of chutney.

If you want to know how to make chana bateta and other these kinds of recipes, then you can search on the internet. Various websites are provided with these finger-licking recipes.