Acne is a serious skin problem which the hair follicles are clogged by oil of the skin and of dead skin cells. This usually occurs on areas of the person where there’s a high number of oil glands: the face, the back, and the chest are the top affected areas of acne. Basically, having too much of something is never good – and that’s why there’s acne.

There are so many misconceptions about acne. While it happens often at a young age but having acne can happen to anyone. Another thing, while dirt, exposure to sunlight and diet are a trigger to acne but the top factor of acne is the increase build up of a bacterium called Propionibacterium acnes. The treatment could be taken through medical or through all natural treatment. Here are some cool things you need to know about it.

Natural products are healthy.

Take it like you’re eating your daily fruits and vegetables which means that you’re feeding your body with a lot of nutrients that keep it healthy. This goes the same when you’re applying all-natural products to your skin. Natural items came from extracts of different natural ingredients; tea tree oil, citrus oil,  apple cider, honey and many more to create the best solution for acne. And since acne came from the oil and bacteria, these natural products help clean off the harmful threats and keep the pores tight and protect it from “the clogs”. Plus, they are extracted from healthy natural products of which is good for the body.

Keeva Organics

All-natural products for acne are good for the skin.

Skin products are sometimes harsh on the skin and acne products are not an exemption. Makeups, face wash,  and other chemical-induced remedies will only inflame your acne. Some of them have a high volume of irritating chemicals which can really be bad for your skin. But with all-natural products, you won’t be worried about any infection since naturally extracted products came from their raw materials which means their vitamins are minerals are intact. Just like eating daily fruits and vegetables, all-natural products can heal acne inside and out.

Natural products are affordable compared to medical treatment.

Numerous clinics that offer laser or facial cleaning is a bit expensive. Not to mention, you need to do this by sessions until you’re “cured” or “healed”. But there’s only a small chance of clearing your face from acne. If you miss a treatment or that you were “triggered”, your skin will break out again. Natural products are affordable remedies that can be purchased over the counter.; some of these products can be seen through online stores such as Keeva Organics.


Applying the all-natural products must be done religiously. And since acne is all about cleanliness, it would also do you well if you keep a clean and healthy diet; and don’t forget to keep the ritual even after your face cleared out. You have to make sure that you do this before and after you go to sleep. Diet should also be healthy; not starving yourself to death.  Remember, there’s not good result without hard work!