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A clear and objective description of the products and services offered

A website is not a place where people will spend hours reading your essay. He does need to highlight the specifications of his products and services, but on the website it is better to display the information objectively and remember that often the reader may be accessing from a mobile device, which limits their attention span.

A blog, brochure, or even a “hidden” page sent to a customer after a contact can be great ways to detail information about a product or service.

Remember that your website is a showcase and as such needs to attract the reader’s attention quickly.

What a customer needs to know before being serviced

Tips or information about what a customer needs to know before being served by the company will cause less frustration and speed up customer responses.

For example, if you have a service company, try to list which documents (invoices), in which cases maintenance applies and in which state you expect to receive maintenance equipment, among other relevant information.

If you have a doctor’s office, a checklist like last exams, family history, in short, information that “prepares” the patient for better, more agile and efficient care.

How can you help?

Recognizing that the market is not for fish and that we are experiencing a time of economic downturn represents a great opportunity to strengthen your brand, products or services.

Have you ever wondered how many competitors are “standing up” right now?

  • So identifying how your offerings will benefit your customer is a unique differentiating factor and your essay should highlight and highlight it, otherwise you will just be “one more” and have few visits to your website.
  • Basic contact information, location, times, etc.
  • If you have a trade, it is obvious that you expect people to visit the store (s) or retail outlet (s).

Thus details such as phone, address, days and hours of service should be something to be prominently displayed.

There are currently features that allow you to publish maps, integrated with your website, which can display instructions on how to get to your store, for example, all without leaving your website.

Success Stories and Referrals

Success stories provide credibility, reassurance for other buyers to meet other customers with similar issues, and that your company has the products or services to address them.

A success story has to be relevant, highlighting the solution of a problem, presenting numbers after adopting your product or hiring your service and if possible a reference.

When someone other than you speaks well of your business, it is a sure sign of the quality of your products, services, or offerings. References, when spontaneous, will lead readers or visitors to identify with the challenges presented by that customer who often has (or has had) the same challenges as you.