One of the most important MMA News updates about Mixed Martial Arts from this past week is regarding the Pettis Brothers, who are no longer on the same cards of UFC. One of the brothers, Sergio Pettis has ended his contract with the UFC and has instead decided to join hands with Bellator MMA, which is a Viacom owned brand. This has come with a huge surprise for the fans as neither the fans or anyone covering the day to day happenings in MMA had an idea of such a thing taking place.

However, with the things being cleared off by both the parties involved, as well as Sergio Pattis himself, it no longer remains rumour and the MMA enthusiasts can now switch over to Bellator MMA to watch Sergio Pettis fighting. But even the Latest MMA News articles have failed to provide an accurate update on who the former UFC star would face in his debut at Bellator and when — this still remains an important and unanswered question.

One of the reasons why almost everyone had missed the backdoor talks that Sergio Pettis must have been carrying out in the past few weeks is that he was already booked to fight for the Ultimate Fighting Championship pay per view and was on Cards as well. He was scheduled to take on the New Zealand Fighter Kai Kara France at UFC 245 on 14 December 2019. But his contract with UFCV expired midway and neither he nor the UFC tried to extend it beforehand, which fans the speculations that the UFC knew about Sergio’s decision and wanted to release him as well. Sergio has now been replaced with the Mexican flyweight fighter Brandon Moreno at the same event.

Unlike most of the other fighter who change promotions after facing a humiliating defeat at their previous promotions, Sergio has done the quite opposite. Instead of finishing as a loser at UFC, he completed his final match at UFC as a winner when he defeated the US fighter Tyson Nam in a unanimous decision by the judges at UFC Fight Night on 22 September 2019. His major part of career had great victories as he holds a record of 9 victories in 14 matches.

Sergio had his most notable victory in UFC was against Joseph Benavidez at UFC 225 on 9 June 2019, where he had won the match via split decision. While Sergio was a prominent fighter for the UFC in multiple categories — flyweight and Bantamweight, he will be fighting only in the Bantamweight division in the Bellator MMA. It is because the Bellator MMA has no Flyweight division for the male athletes. With an all-time fighting record of 18-5 in Mixed Martial arts, Sergio will surely want to be better and bigger than what he was at UFC as that is the sole reason for him to jump ships. He is yet to sign his contract, and that is when we get to see the complete picture.