Melanotan II infusion bringing about fundamental poisonous quality and rhabdomyolysis.

Melanotan items are at present bought over the Internet and are intended to instigate melanogenesis to make sunless tanning too are utilized as sexual energizers. We report a novel instance of fundamental harmfulness with sympathomimetic overabundance and rhabdomyolysis after utilization of Melanotan II.


A multi year-old Caucasian male infused subcutaneously 6 mg of Melanotan II bought over the Internet trying to obscure his skin during wintertime. This portion was multiple times the suggested beginning portion per the patient. In the crisis office two hours post infusion, he griped of diffuse body throbs, perspiring, and an impression of tension. Fundamental signs included BP 151/85 mmHg, HR 130 bpm that crested at 146 bpm, and temperature of 97.8°F. Physical test exhibited an eager and on edge seeming male with mydriasis, diaphoresis, tachycardia, and diffuse muscle tremors. Relevant research center qualities were creatinine 2.25 mg/dL, CPK 1760 IU/L, troponin 0.23 ng/mL, WBC 19.1 k/μL. Urinalysis showed 3 + blood with red cell throws however 0-2 RBC/hpf. Subjective pee tranquilize screen was negative for metabolites of cocaine and amphetamines yet positive for sedatives. The patient got benzodiazepines for unsettling and tension and had improvement in his indications. He was admitted to the ICU and during hospitalization his CPK raised to 17773 IU/L 12 hours after the fact. He kept on getting intravenous liquids with sodium bicarbonate for rhabdomyolysis and his CPK diminished to 2622 IU/L with progress of creatinine to 1.23 mg/dL upon release from the ICU following 3 days. The substance, which he infused, was broke down by means of mass spectrometry and was affirmed to be Melanotan II when contrasted and an industry bought standard example.


Melanotan items are bought through the Internet and have three fundamental details (Melanotan I, Melanotan II, and bremelanotide). Melanotan I increments melanogenesis and eumelanin substance to create sunless tanning. Melanotan II additionally builds skin pigmentation yet in addition produces unconstrained penile erections and sexual incitement. Bremelanotide is a variety of Melanotan II that is explicitly intended for sexual incitement. This novel case features the capability of foundational lethality with sympathomimetic abundance, rhabdomyolysis, and renal brokenness from Melanotan II use.


Melanotan II use brought about foundational danger including obvious sympathomimetic indications, rhabdomyolysis, and renal brokenness.