Though the brain tumour surgery cost in India stands to be lowest in the world, you need to be aware more about the surgery. It is the treatment that is suggested by the doctors to remove the tumours of the brain without any serious damage. Various types of brain tumour surgeries are there that can be undertaken for brain tumour treatment. This depends upon the condition of a patient. One of the most common types of surgeries that is undertaken to remove brain tumour is craniotomy. Here a small portion of the brain which exposes the brain over the area of your tumour. The outermost layer where the brain tissue exists is going to be removed, the tumour is found out and then you remove it. A replaced of the bone is undertaken and then on the scalp is stitched back


Normally a brain tumour surgery cost in India is required in the below mentioned cases

  • To obtain a sample size of the tumour for a detailed and accurate analysis
  • Genetic treatment in case of tumours that are of benign nature
  • In removal of the tumour as far as possible. This is going to provide you relief from the symptoms that caused it or limit the degree of chemotherapy or radiation which you have taken from a treatment point of view
  • Sometimes seizures are caused in the brain and to provide relief from it. The worst part is that it would be really difficult to control

The procedure followed

Certain guidelines are to be followed before you are planning to opt for a brain tumour surgery

  • First and foremost the doctor will examine your condition and determine the type of surgery you would need as part of the treatment procedure. Any procedure will be explained to you in details so that you can go on to clear your doubts
  • Since it appears to be a major surgery the need of the hour would be to approach the surgery with a positive attitude. A nutritious diet, having proper amount of rest without stressing too much and keeping away from alcohol and smoking will contribute to a faster recovery.
  • Prior to the surgery you might be given blood thinning medicines and some medicines have to be stopped. Do discuss with your doctor and follow the instructions given them and follow then in details
  • The chances are that a portion of your hair could be shaved before the surgery. Do shampoo your hair a few days before the surgery and do not use shampoo or gel.

During the procedure

The surgeon does go on to perform a series of procedures as far as brain tumour surgery is concerned

  • Craniotomy- this goes by the name of open brain surgery where an incision is made on the skull. On the skull a bone flap is made. The hole along with the incision is going to be near the area of your brain which needs treatment. If the tumour is situated near the areas that controls your speed, vision or movement then while you are awake the surgery is undertaken. This would allow the surgeon to ask questions and monitor your brain activity
  • Endoscopic surgery- Here the surgeon goes on to remove the tumour via the sinuses or the nose. There is no form of incisions that is made and instead an endoscope is put to use. This procedure you normally use for treatment of cancer in the pituitary glands. This is situated at the base of the skull and it does grow in the bottom portion of your brain


Once the surgery is over you are expected to be transferred to an ICU where a tab on the vital signs is kept. Once the surgery is over an MRI will be conducted to figure out whether the tumour has been completely removed. At an initial phase you are put in a raised position so as to prevent the brain or the face to swell. In most cases you might have to stay in the hospital for a week. It all depends on how soon you recover from the surgery. Once it is over you need to visit the hospital for follow up appointments. A series of tests are conducted to certify the progress of your recovery. There are therapists besides to monitor the pace of recovery and how quickly you are back on track after the surgery. The key aspect is to gain strength and the needed balance.


Just like any other type of surgery, brain tumour surgery does pose its own set of risks. Some of them are as follows

  • Bleeding could emerge in the brain
  • Chances of formation of blood clots
  • Stroke or seizures
  • Difficulty to speak and loss of memory along with vision
  • Excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain or swelling take place
  • The chance of an allergic reaction

Once a surgery is over most portion of the tumour is expected to be removed. But still there are chances that a small portion still remains in the brain. To destroy them you might need radiation or chemotherapy sessions. Do make it a point that you attend all the follow up appointments prescribed by the doctor and take all the follow up tests seriously. In order to regain some lost skills you may need to avail home therapy. Do restrict yourself from intense sports and if you are planning to become pregnant keep a buffer of 6 months after the surgery.

Why to choose India?

This is a common question that most of the medical tourists have. Let us get to the depth of the question. India is one of the few countries in the world where the costs of labour are on the lower side. So it means that the cost of treatment works out to be cheaper. In addition most of the hospitals in this part of the world have zero waiting lists which mean that the surgery is undertaken soon.