Making your own clothes has numerous benefits, and it is something that is becoming a lot more common now. There are multiple reasons why so many people are opting to embrace their inner dressmaker, and we’ve examined just a few of them.

throwaway society

An Economical Option

For many people making their own clothes comes down to economics. It is a cheaper way to dress yourself or your kids. Dressing small children can be expensive, and they grow fast, so making your own kids’ clothes cuts costs as you can create dresses and pants that have hems that can be let down or shirts with seams that can be let out as they change size.

The price of clothes can be exorbitant, and for many, buying new clothes as the fashions change simply isn’t feasible. Being able to make your own clothes means that you can source fabrics cheaply and create outfits that are on trend at a fraction of the price.

Made to Last

In a throwaway society, clothes often get binned after a season when they are no longer fashionable, so many are opting to make their own clothes that are better quality and will last year after year.

throwaway society

Classic designs in cotton poplin fabric and other perennial favourite materials can be worn year after year rather than adding to the rubbish that ends up in so many landfills.

A Creative Outlet

With so many gorgeous fabrics readily available at stores like, it is easy to see why anyone with a creative streak would want to make their own clothes.

Increasingly, both the younger and older generations are relying on their sewing skills to help them make a statement and create garments that reflect their individuality.

Being able to sew means that anyone can whip up an outfit that really reflects their personality that they won’t find anywhere else. It allows for freedom of expression in the most wonderful way and is a great outlet for anyone with a flair for the dramatic too.

Freedom of Choice

There’s little that can compare to finding clothes that you love, and if you don’t follow fashions this isn’t always easy. Many people are opting to make their own clothes for this reason, so they’ll always have garments they love wearing!