PET scan is referred as Positron emission tomography. It can be an imaging test where a doctor checks for various diseases in a human body. A special dye known as radioactive tracer is used. You swallow, inject or inhale them on to your arm depending upon the area of body subject to examination. Tissues or organs absorb the tracer. With detection by a PET scanner it helps a doctor to detect how organs or tissues are working in your body. Cost of PET CT scan whole body Bangalore works out to be cheaper in comparison to rest of the country.

In regions of higher chemical activity tracer will collect as certain tissues or regions of body have higher levels of chemical activity. On a PET scan these areas will show as bright spots. The oxygen use, flow of blood, how your body uses sugar can all be measured via a PET scan. Being an outpatient procedure, you can leave the hospital once the procedure is over. Close to2 million PET scans are performed in US on an annual basis.

The reasons for a PET scan being undertaken?

The doctor may opt for a PET scan to detect oxygen intake, blood flow with a metabolism level of organs along with tissues. Doctors figure out problems at a cellular level determining complex issues. In detecting heart problems or cancer they are of important use.

Cancer cells

In comparison to non-cancer cells cancer ones have higher metabolic rate. Higher level of chemical activity means they show up as bright spots on a PET scan. Not only for cancer are detection they important but also

  • To understand whether the cancer has spread
  • Figure out whether treatment of cancer is working
  • Observing recurrence of cancer

These scans need to be carefully interpreted by your doctor, as numerous non cancer conditions could also appear on a scan. On PET scans solid tumours may not appear as well.

The risks that are part of a PET scan?

Since PET scans involve radioactive ulcers, any exposure to radiation is a bare minimum. As per experts radiation quantity is at a negligible level risk to your body is low. Still it is advised to seek opinion of your doctor. The risks emerging from these tests are also minimal when you compare it with diagnosing serious medical conditions.

The tracer contains glucose to which radioactive substance is attached. For your body to eliminate the tracers it becomes easy even if you suffer from diabetes or kidney disease.

For a pregnant woman

If you are pregnant radiation is not recommended for a developing baby. If you are thinking of becoming pregnant or are pregnant, PET scan has to be avoided. The cost of PET scan wholebody in Bangalore is on the lesser side. If you are option for a PET- CT scan, then an additional tracer would be needed. For someone suffering from higher creatinine levels or kidney diseases this is better to be avoided.

The phase of preparation as part of a PET scan?

The doctor is going to provide you with complete instructions on how to undertake a PET scan. Discuss with them any medications, herbal supplements or prescription related issues.

Before a few days before you might be refrained from physical activity. Examples are exercise that is close to 2 days before the test.

Before the day of the surgery you are to opt for a low sugar and fat diet. There are beverages or food that you need to avoid like cereal, fresh or fruit juices etc. The foods that you can eat include meat, nuts etc.

Hours before the procedure you are going to receive anaesthesia. On the day of your surgery do not eat or drink anything. If you are into medications drink only a few sips of water. If no anaesthesia is involved, before a scan you might be asked to stop eating or drinking anything 6 hours of the surgery. Do not chew gum or any mints on route to surgery.  Though water is not forbidden if you are into medications.

You might be asked to change over to a hospital gown. The reason being metal can interfere with testing equipment as you might have to remove any jewels that you might be spotting. In undergoing PET scan devices like pacemaker or artificial devices are not going to have any impact on the results. But do not undergo PET CT scan with unauthorized equipment or devices.

Other pointers

Discuss with your doctor if you are a victim of the below mentioned medical conditions

  • If you believe you will become pregnant or are pregnant, then discuss with your doctor. For your baby the tests may not be safe
  • If you are into breastfeeding you might have to pump in the blood 24 hours before the procedure. After the procedure you might not be able to pump milk for 24 hours
  • In case if you are suffering from diabetes you would be given special instructions. Blood sugar levels could take a toll if you are into fasting. A normal dose of insulin is suggested and before 4 hours of the scan you need to opt for a light meal.

The procedure of a PET scan?

Before scan is undertaken, a patient is given tracers through veins of their arm. This is in the form of a gas they inhale or a solution they drink. The body is going to need time to absorb tracers; before the scan begins you need to wait for an hour. The time frame of the tracer to be absorbed would depend upon the region of a body being scanned.

On route to wait, do not move, relax and try to be as calm as possible. If a brain scan is conducted do not listen to music and be as far as tension free possible. Now as part of the scan this could last for 45 minutes at a single go. You need to be lying down on a table where PET scan machine is attached. You need to remain still.