Nissan Sentra 2020 is back with improved looks and features that make it quite appealing to the masses. From making it spacious to improvements in its looks and engine; every transformed aspect is making people book it from San Luis Obispo car dealerships. With passing time this vehicle has become much better than its previous versions, which is why people are talking about it these days. So, without delay, have a closer look at this supreme car in detail!

New powerful engine equipped

The most impressive and largest transformation of this car is its engine. It comes equipped with inline-four 2L engine. It delivers a horsepower of 149 and torque of 145 pound feet, which is significantly better than its previous 1.8L engine. However, no manual transmission is available for this car; it only comes with CVT (Continuously Variable Automatic) choice.

Also, this car is fuel efficient despite having a larger engine than its previous versions. It offers 29 mpg when driving in city and 39 mpg when on highway; combined it offers 34 mpg. All these are just some of the improvements which can feel when driving this 2020 version. Also, the fuel tank has a capacity of 12.4 gallon.

Major changes in chassis

There are certain major changes done in the chassis of Sentra 2020. It includes new rear independent suspension that assists in improving ride quality and handling of this car; it is an area where this vehicle suffered issues previously. New suspension system along with low gravity center and wider stance improves its grip performance from earlier models.

Few other upgrades include steering system with dual electric pinion rack which is introduced first time of this car. Also, it has rear vented disc brakes which is optional if an individual purchases the SV version or higher models. These massive changes has made this car more than capable, than most of its competitors in this category.Know more about the changes from car dealers near San Luis Obispo.

Available trims

Only three trim levels are available for the 2020 Sentra which are S, SV, and SR. The previous available trims NISMO and SR turbo aren’t included for this 2020 model. The base variant which is S comes with steel wheels of 16-inch fully covered. Also, it has keyless entry and push-button for starting this vehicle.

The mid-level trim SV has aluminum alloy wheels and has boatload of features in it like Nissan Connect, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, 8-inch touchscreen display, cruise control, climate control dual zone, etc.

The premium version SRoffers a sporty look with aluminum alloy 18-inch wheels. In addition, it to aforementioned features, it has V-Motion grille, rear spoiler, sill extensions on body, LED headlights, fog lights, cloth interior with optional heated leather trimmed seats.

The starting price of this vehicle $19,090, whereas the SV version costs $20,270. The top tier trim Sentra SR is priced at $21,430.

Now you are aware of all the improvements made in this car. Simply opt for a test ride and book one for yourself as soon as possible.