Microsoft introduced Windows Activation just like a rabbit in its hat along with Windows 7 and created a new challenge for pirated software makers as well as sellers. This is still considered as one of the major landmarks when it comes to anti-piracy moves.

Microsoft has invested heavily in making sure that their products cannot easily fall prey to piracy. A lot of efforts are taken in offering genuine packaging as well.

Updates are provided to genuine products every day. Thus, protection is an integral part of every Windows product.

Counterfeit software is loaded with threats

Counterfeit computer program can prove to be disastrous for small and large organizations, especially, in this era of malware and ransom ware. Not to mention the damage that pirated software cause to the industry every year in terms of revenue.

Cyber security experts have already pointed out several times that pirated software can prove to be a threat for small and large companies. Such counterfeit programs come loaded with malicious software.

As per a report released by the IDC, around 25 percent of the websites that offer free software often try to install malware including spyware and trojan on the user’s computer. Such programs can easily damage the computer within minutes.

Users do not even realize that they have unknowingly downloaded multiple apps along with their FREE stuff. They see the damage only when they look at the unusual data consumption, data loss or when the computer starts working slower than usual.

Hampers organization’s productivity

According to a study conducted by Yankee Group counterfeit program can force companies to spend more money and time on IT issues. The same study highlighted that companies end up spending 20 to 30 percent more time on IT issues if they use illegal programs on their PC. Labor remains occupied in troubleshooting issues and this hampers the organization’s overall productivity. Not installing updates results in employee work interruptions.

Such companies also face more of employee downtime and data protection related issues. This is probably because only users with a genuine copy of program have access to security updates that Microsoft and its software partners keeps on sending from time to time.

Overall, you might end up paying financial penalties, system reactivation charges, and damaged reputation in the market.

Buying genuine software

There are multiple options when it comes to buying Microsoft products. You can buy them as an add-on from brick and mortar store or online store. If you buy software as a part of the device, the device manufacturer would mention the product key somewhere on the device or on its documents.

Brick and mortar stores sell Microsoft’s software in the form of DVDs and CDs as well in some countries. You can also buy software online and purchase an activation key for the same. For example, you can download files for MS Office and then buy office 2016 product key online from one of the vendors and activate your product.

No matter whichever option you choose to buy your product from, just make sure that you have a license key for computer program that you are using.