The philosophical theory about the nature of human beings has got far reaching consequences on the understanding of all the issues that are being faced with them. Once it is being taken as self-evident, it easily turns out to be the foundation upon which knowledge is being built. One of the major causes to be concerned about it is the fact that this particular theoretical framework is being hardly questioned in spite of the limitations that it has, and the self-defeating consequences which lead to the crisis in the concerned field. One particular field, which is facing a crisis because of this, is medicine, and the only paradigmatic stance that is responsible for all this crisis is the Cartesian dualism.

There’s a metaphysical stance which is being posed by the mind and body dualism where these two have been identified as two distinct substances, each of which is individual in nature. While it was first being originated way back in the 17th century, a well-known version of this dualism is completely credited to Rene Descartes. Since he had gained some acknowledgment as a 마음수련 실체 his conceptions were given some importance, and according to him, human beings consisted of two quite unlike substances which had no chance to exist in unity. This dualism between the mind and body was considered to be one critical conceptual leap that was being desperately sought after at that point of time in history. According to some of the hypocritical and conventional beliefs, a human being was considered to be one spiritual whole where the mind and body rested in one. But over the years several studies have been carried out, and the dualism was accepted in the due course of time.

Dualism even laid the groundwork for the positivity which means a logical thought could be based upon the empirical one, which is not just an unbiased one, but also impersonal and holds an unsympathetic observation of all that’s happening. Standing in the 21st century, understanding of human beings has been completely changed significantly and now it more stands on the characteristics of the living organisms. Moreover, the living systems have now been started to consider as systems which are an integral part of other larger system. These particular views challenge both the dualistic nature of human beings and even the positivity of pursuing knowledge which is not objective under any circumstances.

Mind and body dualism was one that odd philosophy that has been considered to be convenient and used the policy of divide and conquers to cope up with the relevant thinking which subsequently fitted in with the complications of human nature. All those who have been acting as 마음수련 실체 have agreed how this dualism has cost the entire race as it has taken away the focus from the dynamic nature of human beings which is inherent. The journey towards the knowledge and understanding of nature has never been a seamless motion that progressed forward, and this dualism is just a prototype of it.