One of the most important aspects of dog training is to make your pet obedient. This does not mean that your lovey dog will listen to you like a paid employer or your own child. But through training your pet will understand some of the signs that you do to interpret certain commands. For example, if you order to your dog to sit, with the sound or action your dog will understand and follow the command. Also, there is always a chance that your love and pampering can cause more bad than good. A lot of pampering can make your dog in-obedient and indisciplined.

Hence while training a dog ( it is important to note that as a trainer you must not much pamper it and at the same time be harsh also that it refuses to follow the command. Some treats and some punishment can help the pet to get what you need it to do. It learns the process and commands over a period, and hence you or the trainer must have enough patience. Some dog can learn it quickly while some may also take time. Hence it depends on a number of factors whether the dog will be obedient in a short span or it will take time.

Thus there are certain steps that you must follow for effective obedience training:

Be a friend to your dog: It is always easier to make your dog understand your commands only after you are a friend and your pet is convinced that you are not a threat but a well-wisher. This kind of relationship develops after spending lots of time together, feeding your dog, taking him out for walks, putting him to sleep and so one.

Maintain a thin line between a friend and a master: You must always make sure that you are maintaining the line and not crossing it. You have to be a friend, but your pet must also understand that you are his master. To establish this, you must reward actions which you appreciate and show that you are displeased if your dog does something wrong. If needed keep a stick in your hand so that when needed you can put him on the line. The consequences have to be immediate and consistent so that it registers.

Physical training: Physical training is definitely a way to ensure that your pet is fit both physically and mentally. But it is also a ground where you set up or establish certain communicating signs and symbols for your pet. This includes commands like sit, walk, and leave and so on. As the nasal senses of a dog arestrong, you also have to train which smell is familiar and which is not.

Try to be punctual: If you have to make your dog disciplined and obedient, then you have to make sure that you maintain a strict routine. This means taking out your dog at a fixed time, giving meals at a fixed time. If you feel shortage of required time, take professional help and spend quality time with your dog. To hire professional dog trainer for your dog in fortLauderdale visit here to book appointment.