Abnormal pap smears during pregnancy is something that is hard off considerably. Once you are a lady of child bearing age you are going to have your share of Pap smear test every now and then. Most times the test are going to come out as normal, but in certain cases the results may come out negative which means that another round of testing is called for. Pap smear in early pregnancy is not something where you need to panic. Sometimes the result could be something serious or in other cases it could be nothing at all. Most of these tests could be provided to the would be mothers as well.  This is not something that is not unheard off and this could be provided to the would be mothers.

It does occur that you can opt for an abnormal pap smear when you are pregnant. Irrespective of the pregnancy status of a woman the doctor is going to undertake it if it happens to be due. One of the major differences which you face when you get this test undertaken is an increase in the levels of bleeding. The chances are that the cervix could be more engrossed with blood at this point of time.  To accompany a Pap smear test it is obvious to have a certain degree of bleeding.

When you are told you need to be part of an abnormal Pap smear test it is going to send out negative impulses in a woman. But take into consideration that an abnormal Pap smear test is not a cause of concern always. Yes it could point to the occurrence of cancer cells, but it could also lead to a scenario of infection. What it does tell your doctor would be an additional round of testing would be needed.

Pap smear in early pregnancy

In case if you happen to be pregnant and receive an abnormal pap smear, the doctor would ask you to undertake a colposcopy. At this point of time the cervix would be viewed under microscope. When doing this the doctor would be in a position to figure out what lead to the growth of such abnormal cells and if this is the case how to go ahead with the treatment.

If the doctor is of the opinion that the abnormal Pap smear did occur due to the presence of cancer cells, then you might have to wait till your pregnancy is over to undertake the treatment. If it is in the early part of pregnancy the doctor might ask you to terminate the pregnancy so that you can go ahead with the treatment. If you detect the presence of abnormal cells in the later stages of pregnancy the doctor would go on to induce labor as soon as possible to begin treatment.

To conclude the presence of abnormal cells at the cervix does not pose any risk to the developing baby. In any case they are washed away during delivery.