Nowadays, if you don’t know how to do something, you don’t need to buy any special books. You just switch on your computer and search for a manual. DIY articles and videos are extremely popular, because they help millions of people to develop their skills and overcome difficulties. And if you are a pro in some sphere or have just found a nice solution for something, recording a screencast is a great way to share your experience. For those who want to try making their own video manuals, we suggest considering the following steps.

  1. Get equipped.

First of all, you will need facilities for video recording – a camera and a microphone. Depending on the quality you want to get, cameras can range from a standard web-cam on your laptop to a professional DSLR camera. Talking about a mic, you may start working with built-in ones, but if you are going to make video tutorials regularly, you’d better to buy a USB microphone to increase voice recording quality.

DSLR camera

  1. Follow professionals

While preparing your manual, watch similar videos on a similar topic. Choose professional bloggers to follow and pay attention to their techniques. It will prevent you from reinventing the wheel. You can try to copy something, but it is always better to invent you own peculiar tricks to attract viewers’ attention.

  1. Prepare your script.

No matter, how good you are at the process you are going to describe, it’s not always easy to find the proper words at once. So, write a plan of your future tutorial and then add more detailed commentaries. Your text should be clear, with all the terms explained. Make sure to clarify the process from all sides.

  1. Rehearse it.

Try reading your script aloud at least once before recording it. It will help you to put the right intonations and avoid stuttering. You can even test your tutorial on one of your friends or relatives, as an independent opinion given by a nonpro can be in use. Whether you are going to make a manual how to bake a cake or paint dresser, it should be ultimately understood by any layman.

  1. Start and finish properly.

Look through the beginning and of your script. Have you introduced yourself? Have you told what your video will be about? Those may seem obvious things, but they are very important to draw the viewer’s attention and win his favor. Be sure to outline the topic and final aim of your tutorial and then remind it at the end. This way you will make your manual clear even for those who like fast-forwarding videos.

  1. Launch it.

Record your video, edit it as you wish and launch on YouTube or other portal. You can share the link of your manual on some sites devoted to your topic to reach the audience quicker. Check the commentaries regularly both to answer the questions people may ask you and trace the feedback on your video manual to know its pros and cons.