It is of course a matter of pride and mental peace, if you have done a recent car purchase that came with all the latest safety and driver assistance features. Kudos to you, if you didn’t shrink away from paying that extra amount to ensure that your family is safe whenever they get a ride in it. But what if things go wrong even after you’ve taken so much precautions? If you are reading this while you and your family are still safe, then our efforts didn’t go waste.

So, before something such unfortunate takes place, here we are to make you aware of the things that can go wrong even if your car is equipped with the latest safety and driver assistance features. We have gathered the information from the experts of Genesis dealer near Conshohocken.

Malfunctioning On-Board Computer

The recent day car systems are majorly dependent on the on-board computer that integrates all the other systems and let you know things in advance to give you a good reaction time to any untoward situation with your vehicle.

But as we all know, even a computer can get stuck or hang. In such cases, it ill not be able to function the way it should. As a result, the person sitting behind the wheels will stay oblivious to the situations, that were supposed to create an alert. Hence, danger will encircle from all sides, in spite of all the other systems being in place.

In Car Internet Can Go Out of Coverage Area

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The mobile internet still depends on the signaling towers placed in different parts of a place. But just as we face some downtime with the mobile internet, where the system fails to catch the signal, when it steps somewhere that doesn’t have a goo coverage, even the in-car Wi-Fi can stop or pause for a sometime, giving you wrong information about the navigation and other internet related technologies installed in your car.

Cause Driving Distraction

We humans are lazy by nature. Technology has always pampered this aspect of our nature but has also posed threat in return. So, when your car is equipped with too many technological features, it can distract the mind of the driver from the road and traffic lying ahead, and he can get more engaged in operating all those features rather than concentrating on the road.


Some can be misinformed about the functionalities of the safety features, as they are quite complex, and work in tune with each other, warned the experts of Conshohocken Genesis. Moreover, not all cars are equipped with all features. for example, one car might have pedestrian alert but not an emergency automatic braking, which can stop the vehicle of its own. If the driver fails to know that he has to act once an alert has been generated, he will commit an irreparable blunder.

So, if your car has a list of safety features, make sure to have good knowledge on them. And lastly, no driver should get casual with the aspect of safety, even if technology is there to help him out.