Have you ever thought that overcrowded or overly decorated office spaces can distract your employees from their work? Some studies suggest that excess decorations can disturb employees and divert their attention in the middle of some work. Therefore, the Japanese and the Chinese prefer going with minimalist office designs so that their employees can have more space for imagination and cantilever results without getting distracted.

If you are planning to set up a minimalist office space, you can look for office furniture online to find the latest trends in office furniture and get exciting deals to save money. But before going to these online platforms that manufacture and sell office furniture, you need to gather some ideas and knowledge about picking the right office furniture.

Coming back to the minimalist office space design, the current trends of office furniture and interiors suggestions are as follows.

Office Furniture sales

  1. Do not overstuff the walls of your office with wall painting and art
  2. Keep what is necessary on your office desk, and leave the remaining space empty
  3. You can go with sober wall colours like white, off-white, light pink, sky blue or any light colour
  4. On the contrary, you can add bright and contrasting colours to the office by picking some unique furniture
  5. Keep a lounge area for your employee to chill and be candid about their ideas
  6. Pick simple table lamps, pen stands, and other wall lights

List of Key Office Furniture Every Office Needs


Chairs and Desk

When you first think about office furniture, the first thing that comes to your mind is a table and a chair. Office space looks incomplete without a desk and a chair. But it can be confusing to choose which desk or chair you need. Employees often complain about neck, shoulder and lower back pain because of uncomfortable office chairs. Thus, employers need to offer them comfortable chairs and desks that fall in the proper criteria of an ergonomic setting. Most offices take their employees health very seriously and do their best to keep them healthy and fit.

A living space

Your office also needs a lounge area or a restroom where employees can sit for a while and relax themselves in between work hours.. Buy a few couches, and create a trendy setup where your employee can take a break and sit to chat with colleagues to refresh themselves.

A conference room

To set up a conference/meeting room, you would need to measure the area of the room and get acustomised round or rectangular table that could fit in the same. And also think about the number of people you would want to accommodate around the conference table. A standard conference room would at least have a seating arrangement for twenty people.

Furniture for the cafeteria

 A cafeteria is a space where every employee spends their coffee and lunch breaks. The cafe must be set in such a way that employees feel comfortable and happy. You do not need as many chairs as the number of employees in your company. But you would need at least half the number of tables and chairs in the cafeteria to comfortably accommodate employees while they relax and eat.

A storage space

 Instead of piling up the files on an employee’s desk, there should be a separate area in the office where you have lockers or cupboards to segregate and organise all essential files and documents that can be valuable for your company.

So, these were some office furniture essentials that every office needs. If you want to get a huge variety and excellent bulk deals, you can look at platforms selling office furniture online and order them at your desired location. Remember that whenever you are buying a piece of furniture, buy it from a reliable source that accepts returns and exchanges in case of any defects and problems.