Pre-schools are ideal places for preparing toddlers to take the first step in growing up. It is here that they get the first taste about how it feels to be separated from parents.  They are exposed to an environment where they are surrounded by many attractions yet have to manage everything on their own. Psychologists highlight the importance of kids learning to be self sufficient from a very tender age and day camps that are organized in summer provide the perfect platform for it.  At the camps, kids are taught to do things on their own that ingrains the confidence in them and pushes them ahead towards leading life independently. They learn to be on their own which later helps them to take charge of their lives.

Knowing about social skills

Camps are places where learning is really fun as children get involved in various activities that teach them basic life skills. Meeting other children of the same age group exposes them to a completely new world where they learn to make friends. The concept of friendship is thus inculcated in them. They come to know about how to move around in a group and what is meant by team work.  How important it is to follow some rules in life is also taught at the day camps. Children between 2 to 9 years are eligible to participate in such camps that have proved to be beneficial for them in many ways.

Preparing for separation

The most important benefit of such camps is that children are groomed to stay away from their parents.  It is the first time that they are made to face the reality of life that has to be lead by themselves on their own. They work out ways to cope with the situation so that they feel comfortable among others. The sense of being inter dependent for achieving some tasks is developed at the day camps that becomes very valuable in later life.

It’s a preview of real school

The camps actually prepare children for taking up the curriculum of structured education by making them understand its importance. Toddlers who are about to enter the world of real school get a taste of what lies ahead.  The exercises at the camp teach them the ways to get organized for undertaking certain tasks all on their own.  The sense about managing their belongings, following instructions and executing tasks in an orderly and disciplined manner are all imbibed in the kids through various activities.

Testing the waters

Children get the first taste of swimming at summer camps.  Swimming lessons list high on the programs of these camps that simply cannot do without it.  The exposure is very important not for the sake of learning to swim but to prepare them to face the uncertainties that lie ahead without any fear. How to stay safe while they are in water is also an important learning for them as also the health benefits associated with it.

The fun filled experience at day camps can have a long lasting effect in grooming children for growing with confidence.