Starting from technology to supply chain, blockchain has revolutionized multiple industries. Blockchain’s innovative technology has transformed operations across many companies and it is on its way to change the operations of many other companies. The rate of adoption of blockchain among industries has increased tremendously. Other countries around the world are investing heavily in building consortium and bodies to regulate blockchain and cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology is empowering innovation, productivity, and development across multiple industries.

blockchain certifications

Overall, this has led to an increase demand for skilled talent in blockchain development. If you’re already working in blockchain development, you have good opportunities. It is also a good field if you are looking to get into this field. Professionals from different industries are looking to switch to Blockchain. If you’re looking to do so, certifications can be a big help. Following are some of the prominent blockchain certifications:

  1. Certified Cryptocurrency Trader by Blockchain Council
    As you may guess from the name of the certification, it certifies you in cryptocurrencies. Mostly Blockchain Council is a membership organization. Apart from certifying professionals in Blockchain it conducts trainings, seminars, and workshops.
    The Certified Cryptocurrency Trader Credential will boost your career and you will be a go-to professional for any cryptocurrency advice. Blockchain Council also offers certifications in Ethereum and Solidity. These two are popular technologies in blockchain landscape.
  2. Certified Bitcoin Specialist by Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium
    Bitcoin has gained popularity around the world. It has made monetary transactions more secure and transparent. This certification will equip you with the skills to develop applications on blockchain. Most importantly, it will make you an expert on Bitcoin’s protocol, network, its network operation.
  3. Business Blockchain Professional by Central Blockchain Council of America
    This certification covers a wide range of aspects in blockchain development to start a career in block chain development. This credential makes you a trustworthy person for organizations to implement blockchain strategies, initiatives and programs across vendors, platforms, and technologies.
  4. Blockchain Training Alliance
    Not a certification, but this institution offers comprehensive training programs in blockchain. This group provides students with study materials and programs to keep them updated with latest technologies in blockchain.

So there you have some prominent blockchain certifications. Choose one program and start equipping yourself in their respective technology and ready yourself for the available ample job opportunities as companies are now hopping on the blockchain bandwagon.

Developments in blockchain are vast and are steadily growing. Learning technologies and equipping yourself in blockchain and related technologies will fast track your career to grab an opportunity faster. However, choosing a right program will be crucial. Though above programs are suitable to any professionals with experience. It is better to choose a program that is commensurate with your experience. Of course, those will be a little vast in terms of exposure to technology, use case, and others. But will help you in equipping you with skills and technologies that are required by employers. Hence, choose a programdiligently and with utmost sincerity.