There are over 1.3 million lawyers in the United States. As that number continues to swell, legal minds are finding it increasingly difficult to find clients.

That’s not to suggest that legal demand hasn’t grown with lawyer counts. Lawyer counts may have outpaced demand, however, which means you need to get savvy when it comes to the legal lead generation process.

What does the process of lead generation look like for lawyers? The answer to that question varies and “process” may be the wrong word seeing as how lead generation is usually comprised of a collection of strategies/ideas.

Below, our team breaks down some of the most effective lead generation ideas in hopes that you’ll be able to use a few to string together your own process of acquiring customers. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Invest In Search Engine Optimization

When people need a lawyer, what do you think is the first thing the majority of them do? We can tell you that they’ll probably hop on Google and type in something like “property lawyer near me”.

When prospective customers type in a search phrase that’s relevant to your business, your company’s investment in search engine optimization is what will determine if your business pops up in results or a competitor’s.

To get started investing in search engine optimization as a means of lead generation, learn more about it here.

2. Get a Mailing List Going

You’ve got a customer onto your website. Now what?

Some will choose to contact you. Others will need to be warmed up more.

The best way to heat up an already warm lead is to invite them to join your mailing list. If you don’t have a list yet, the good news is that getting one going can be free using tools like MailChimp.

Explore a few free, automated email solutions online and adopt one to skyrocket your lead aggregation/conversions!

3. Be Present In Your Community

When your city has a fair, does your law office have a booth at the event? It should!

Being present in your community, handing out swag, sponsoring youth sports teams, and the like can get you cemented as the go-to legal mind in your area. That could get your phone ringing off the hook!

4. Connect With Other Firms

Having relationships with other firms can supercharge your lead generation process because law firms often refer clients to one another. That may be because a firm lacks knowledge in a certain area of expertise or because they’re too inundated with work.

Whatever the reason, the more firms you know, the more likely they’ll give you a call when they have a job they can’t handle themselves.

5. Buy Leads

Some groups are masters at aggregating legal leads and then go on to sell those leads to law firms. Most of the leads you’ll get from quality aggregators are pre-qualified.

Does having hundreds of unique leads delivered to your inbox sounds good to you? If it does, find a respected aggregator that services the legal niche and explore what they have on offer.

The Legal Lead Generation Process Is Less Daunting Than It Seems

If you’ve read our tips regarding the legal lead generation process and your head is spinning, don’t worry. A lot of lead generation work is front-loaded. After you get your foundation in place, things will flow mostly on autopilot.

Our team wishes you the best as you continue exploring how to generate leads. If you need additional help to that end, check out the newest content on our blog!