Liquidmetal has gained a lot of popularity lately because of its unique atomic structure that makes it almost like a glass. It is durable and has good tensile strength. This is why it is widely sought after in the manufacturing industries. Apple has been in the news lately, primarily because of its keen interest in purchasing some patents on Liquidmetal technologies. The Company has been using Liquidmetal in making smartphone covers that are resistant to scratches. This amorphous alloy is widely used in the premium watch market as well with Swatch using it in several of its luxury watch models.

John Kang Liquidmetal expert-why is Liquidmetal so popular today?

John Kang is a businessman in the medical industry, and he has been researching on Liquidmetal for several years. He has invaluable knowledge on Liquidmetal and says that this amorphous alloy is widely in demand in the market today primarily because of the way it is manufactured. The alloy consists of copper, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum. All of these alloys are mixed together to create a glass-like metal that can easily be shaped and cast into any mold. John Kang Liquidmetal expert says that Liquidmetal is highly popular in the market because it is resistant to corrosion and is ductile. It is durable and has a longer shelf life over the other amorphous metals that one finds in the market today.

A good thermal paste in the tech industry

Liquidmetal is a good thermal paste popular in the technology industry today. It is considered to be a cost-effective alternative to other thermal paste available in the market today. A lot of computer and laptop manufacturers are using Liquidmetal as a good thermal paste in the market today to prevent heat transfer from computers and laptop add the John Kang WebMD team. Generally, gallium is commonly used as thermal paste.

The simple and faster manufacturing process

Liquidmetal is simple to make, and it has a faster cooling process. This is why it is popular in the manufacturing industry today. The biggest advantage of Liquidmetal is you can use extreme force on it, but it will not deform when flexed intensely or struck harshly. The reasons being the atoms in Liquidmetal are not organized. They are not crystalline in nature. This is why when they are hit or struck badly, they bounce back quickly into shape. Moreover, manufacturers are fond of Liquidmetal as a lot of it can be produced in a short span of time. This results in cost savings and helps manufacturers use the alloy in most of its products without delays at all.

The John Kang Liquidmetal expert says that when it comes to this amorphous alloy, its benefits do not end with the technological or the electronics industry, it has significant benefits in the medical industry. It is used for the manufacture of dental and medical implants. It is highly malleable is widely preferred for making implants that are very small and demand a high degree of precision.