New York is a major tourist attraction in the USA, and travelers from across the world come here regularly. It is popular for some notable landmarks in America, like The Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square, The Chrysler Building, etc. This city comprises five boroughs, namely Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island. One can use the ferry service here to see the Statue of Liberty that departs from Lower Manhattan to Liberty Island. If one wishes to get a better view of the city, the Rockefeller Centre is the place to go to get an amazing view from the Top of the Rock.

Joe Cianciotto – Careers in New York and job opportunities

Joe Cianciotto is a popular professional in the field of digital marketing and advertising in New York. He was the Chief Digital Officer and Executive Creative Director of DDB NY for 11 years. He has graduated from Visual Communications from Carnegie Mellon and lives in Long Island with his wife and daughters. He says that when it comes to career opportunities in New York, there are many jobs for people in all fields. He says that the best part of this city is it is simple for anyone to navigate as the communication and transportation system are good. People can avail buses and use the subways for commuting in and around the city with ease. These are the best modes of transportation if you wish to travel from one borough to another. One can also find the presence of yellow taxis for traveling within and out of the city.

Many free things for one to do

If one is traveling to New York for leisure and vacation, there are several free things to do. Whether one lives here or is a tourist, New York never disappoints anyone. There are iconic buildings like Grand Central Station or St. Patrick’s Cathedral that one can visit. One can take a ferry ride at Staten Island or take a leisurely stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge. If you are fond of art, there are several museums here. The Met and The Guggenheim Museum are very famous and reputed. For lovers of history, The American Museum of Natural History is quite popular. New York also is home to the world-famous City, Centre Park. The Park is so big that one needs at least half of one day to explore it. The notable highlights are The Lake, Strawberry Fields, The Bow Bridge, The Rambles, The Bethesda Fountain, and The Sheep’s Meadow.

Joe Cianciotto says that New York is an exciting and thrilling place to live and work in the USA. There are plenty of career opportunities here, and all of them are quite promising. He says that when it comes to career and job prospects, both freshers and experienced professionals can find something. The city is known for its art and entertainment as well. In short, it is a city that has something thrilling for both the young and the old!