Every religion has their own terms and conditions and they are meant to be followed. The Islamic religion instructs the people to opt for Halal food and this is the foundation of Muslim religion. Right from the birth of an individual until the death, a person of Islamic religion is expected to eat halal food. It is said that Allah is the giver of the food and He must be respected. The Haram food is completely forbidden in the Islamic religion and here are a few food categories that a Muslim mustn’t consume in his life:

Dead animals

Hard liquors or alcohol

Dog meat

Swine meat and the by-products

Slaughtered animals

Thus, it is always advised to eat Halal food as it is pure and healthy. You can know more about halal advisory through different sources.  There are several halal certification companies in Canada that offers the best halal food. No longer you have to be doubtful about the quality of the food as these certified companies offer the best quality products.

The need to get Halal Certification:

There are several levels of food standards that define the quality of the food. And Halal certification is one among them.  When a company is Halal certified, it builds a trust among the public and people no longer doubt on the quality of the food. It is the best way to serve the people as per the command of the Allah as the Prophet has mentioned very clearly about the need for halal food.  There are several halal certification companies that adhere to the food standards and get the company Halal certified.  No longer you have to advertise your food products or tell people that your food is of high quality if you company is halal certified. Thus, the halal certification bridges the gap between the food and the food lovers. You can place your order without any second thoughts.

Apart from the local market, you also have a better chance to export your food products. It has been proven that the halal certified products have a better exposure to export categories.

The HALAL Certification process:

All you need to do is download the halal application form from the respective website.

Fill all the necessary details as asked for in the form.

Submit the form so that the audit can take place. Once the form is received by the board, they will assess the form and if found eligible, will send the inspection to audit.

The contract must be signed by both the parties.

The auditors will inspect the entire property and form a report. If the report matches the guidelines, the company will be awarded the certification. If there is any fault, the company will be asked to rectify it and apply for the certification once again.

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