The 2020 Hyundai Accent is still more of a basic car, in comparison to other latest models that stand for the technological progress that the industry of automotive has achieved. But surprisingly, that is how it has sustained its appeal that has never gone down, since the model has joined the crew of subcompact sedans.

The 2020 edition of Hyundai Accent can always be labelled among the new cars that are now more equipped and comfortable than they used to be. This subcompact sedan from Hyundai however addresses the segment of buyers who are looking for an affordable private transport to ease out their everyday commute.

Advancements Done for the 2020 Model Year

We came to know from a popular Hyundai dealer near Ontario, that for the year 2020, Hyundai has done some changes to the lineup of its flagship model Accent which can be said as the right steps taken for its advancements. It includes a revised powertrain resulting in adding 4-mpg of horsepower to most of its trims, which happened because of the improvements done to the existing inline-4 engine that is now paired to a new continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). Apart from that, the 2020 edition of Hyundai Accent continues to be exactly the same as what we have seen in its last year lineup series. So, for the 2020 you see the same SE, SEL, and Limited trims offering an increasing level of creature comfort as the price escalates.

Feature Highlights

The 2020 Hyundai Accent continues to keep its sales record high through its unique and handsome looks, useful standard features, good amount of interior space and a more than satisfactory performance. In every angle, the 2020 edition of Hyundai Accent can be recommended for its consistently comfortable rides and its decent factory warranty.

Visual Impact

The 2020 Accent has adopted most of the family traits of Hyundai right from the typical face to its structural pattern. The approach looks gorgeous with the LED headlights while its 17-inch wheels give it a decent ride height. The base models however still use halogen lamps and plastic wheel covers to keep their prices well under control. As for its size, the 2020 Hyundai accent comes under the umbrella of bigger carsthough it calls itself to be a subcompact one. The interior of each 2020 Accent looks reserved in comparison to its exterior grandeur. We all appreciated how the Accent keeps its cabin free from the claustrophobic cluster of buttons and dials.

We came to know from the Ontario Hyundai shoppers that with the Limited trim models, which is at the top end of the range, comes more standard features likeLED headlights, 17-inch wheels, heated seats, and a 7.0-inch touchscreen display for the infotainment system that works in tune with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Safety Components

After being selected in the 2019 Top Safety Pick award given by the IIHS, the 2020 edition of Hyundai Accent continues with its standard of safety that now offers advanced features of safety and driver assistance like automatic emergency braking, which keeps it at par with its strongest rivals.