When you or your company come up with a new innovation there are others who are ready to copy your work and give it their name. New innovations are really very crucial for any company. The fact is that you will have a number of competitors in the market which will be ready to copy your work shelling out money. It is always a good idea that you do a patent registration of your every new innovation. For this, you will have to go through a series of the legal process which is sometimes complex. Your best bet in such cases is to hire the patent agent who can help you through the process. If you want more information you can also visit http://www.wilsonpatents.com/ online.

Listed are some of the very important things you will have to consider when you are hiring the Canadian trademark agent:

Ask references: If you want to get your new innovation patented and it is your first time it is better you ask some references to your friends in other companies or your company attorney. Most of these Canadian patent agents get their new clients through references from the past or current clients. There are high chances that you get good contacts through references. The good part of asking references is that you not only get good contacts but also get the honest feedback.

Check the experience: Another very important thing you will have to check the amount of experience the patent agent is having. The older the better it is for your company. It is recommended that you need to hire a Canada patent agent with at least five years of experience. With a good amount of experience, they will have good knowledge to make sure the work is done right at the first time.


Services: Service is a major thing you will need to consider as this will be a highly confidential matter. A slight mistake can cost you a lot as people are ready to copy your idea and register it before you do. The whole process of the patent can take time and is full of legal things. There is also a lot of paperwork which needs to be done right and on time. You will need to hire a Canada patent agent who is offering you quick and safe services.

Charges: When you hire a patent agency Canada to do the registration work for your innovation you will have to pay some charges. There will be a legal fee which you need to pay in the registration office and the agent will charge you for their services. It is good that you discuss the charges before you finalize things to avoid last minute problems. Also, it is good that you compare the agent charges with some other agents to select the right one. You will also come across the agents who will be ready to give you their services on comparatively low charges. Make sure you do not fall for such discounts as these are the agents which will just need more clients.

These are some of the very important things you will have to keep in your mind when you are looking for good Canadian trademark agent for the registration work. You can contact us today via Ourbis or visit our Facebook page to know more.