You have been planning a trip to Goa for a long time. Finally, everything has set in, and you have also found the perfect gang of friends to visit one of the most famous locations in India. One of the most crucial factors is booking a ticket. The Delhi to Goa Flights Schedule can be found on several websites. Several airlines are available, but you are unsure if you are paying extra. After all, who doesn’t want to get the best deal at lowest prices?

Here are some tips to find such deals on airline tickets.

  1. Subscribe to newsletters from big airlines

On several occasions the best deals are available on the airline itself. These could be in the form of special offers, or some sort of promotional codes. Subscribing to the newsletter will ensure that you are made aware of these offers whenever they come. You could even find discounts as much as 50% off! Just ensure that your Gmail filters are on, so that your inbox isn’t overrun with promotional emails from these airlines.

  1. Flexibility with dates and timings

Ticket bookings can often be less on certain days of the week and months in a year. Choosing such days and months will ensure that you find cheaper tickets. Booking in advance also is a sure fire way to find better deals. 4-10 weeks before the trip is often a fairly good time to reserve tickets. Wednesdays and Saturdays have also been shown to be the days when there are fewest bookings. Early morning or late night flights are even cheaper due to their odd timings. Choosing the off-season for tourist spots will also ensure that you get tickets at lower costs.

  1. Check alternative airports

In some cases, it might prove to be cheaper to travel to the second nearest airport and take a plane from there. You might lose some extra time going to the location, but it could mean you save some big bucks.

  1. Choose budget airlines

Several budget airlines can be found in India. AirAsia, IndiGo are some of the best airlines that have successfully implemented the budget airline concept. Things such as in-flight meals might be missing, but it is inconsequential when your travel time is just a few hours. As long as they are punctual and reasonably comfortable, you would have your money’s worth!

  1. Booking separately

For international travel, it can sometimes prove to be much cheaper when you book the different legs of your journey separately, rather than booking a multi-leg trip on the same airline. You’ll have to experiment a bit, choosing various permutations. In most cases, however, you can save a fair bit of money by choosing a good combo.

  1. Sign up for alerts

Several websites have been set up with the goal of finding cheap airline tickets and trips. By signing up for such services, you will get notifications as needed. Though several of these might be unrelated to you, all it takes is one alert. You could save loads of cash by just being vigilant.