The whole world is facing the serious pandemic of coronavirus. It is hard for many countries to find the correct medication against coronavirus. Many of them were testing the existing anti-viral drug as they work against the COVID-19. The favipiravir intermediateis an existing drug that is approved to treat the cases of COVID-19 from mild to moderate reactions. It is an antiviral drug that is used against influenza in the japan. As chemically, it is classified pyrazine carboxamide that inhibits the influenza viral RNA dependent RNA polymerase. It was discovered by Toyoma chemical manufacturing company.

Favipiravir – Approved against COVID-19

It was initially approved for the therapeutic use against the influenza virus. Now, it is found it can fight against SARS-CoV-2 the novel strain that is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been used for treating life-threaten diseases like Lassa and Ebola viruses. Coronavirus has been spread all over the worldand favipiravir intermediate has great effectiveness against RNA based influenza virus. So, it is not only approved in India but also in Russia and other parts of the Middle East.

Also, another popular drug which is known as remdesivir approved against treating the COVID-19 patients. Both drugs used to different diseases, so the experts worried about their efficacy against fighting off COVID-19. As there are no drugs developed to fight against coronavirus, repurposing drugs is one of the other ways to treat the coronavirus. Even the favipiravir does not give the complete solution, but it helps to suppress the symptoms in treating the people. Many anti-viral drugs do not work for many persons in the world. Hence, with the drug-repurposing does not become the perfect antiviral for the COVID-19.

Under normal conditions, it takes many years to approve the products. Due to the global pandemic, many of the countries were giving the quicker permission to cure or control the disease. A vaccine is not expected for a few months, as the production takes at least a few months. After the few millions of samples are ready, people get the chance to use it. In many countries started using these drugs against the patients. But the need for the drug is massive and needs to administer mandatorily. Even though we get the approval of using favipiravir drug, it is not the perfect solution. The process of licensing and the production takes time. Until then we need to keep ourselves safe with the preventive measures.