Like every other mechanisms, the car parts are susceptible to wear and tear, leaving apart the damages that get caused by small or big collisions. It is then that those damaged parts of your car will need either a repair or a replacement. In most cases, replacing the parts appear to be a better solution, since that takes lesser time and effort, and you get a new part that will again have a fresh lifespan ahead.

As you must be knowing that car parts are replaced either with OEM parts or aftermarket ones. as rightly said by a mechanical expert of one of the most popular auto body repair shop in Salisbury, while mostly OEM parts are recommended as the best replacement choices, at times there is also no harm to go for an aftermarket one if the part isn’t directly related to your car’s safety.

OEM Parts

“OEM parts” stands for the term Original Equipment Manufacturer. Mostly your insurance company will suggest any damaged part of your vehicle tobe replaced with an OEM one, which will always be a genuine one, while on the other hand, an aftermarket part will always be a salvaged part, or a duplicate of a certain kind of part.

Identifying an OEM Part

AnOEM part will be the one that will always have the company logo embossed on it. hence, if you want to verify, if the auto body shop you took your car to is using OEM Parts, you can always ask them to show you the parts before installing them.

Aftermarket Parts

The aftermarket auto partsare the ones that are made to fit a car type and is mostly manufactured  by a company that recreates the original parts of a different manufacturer, mostly the higher brands. Many of the non-OEM or aftermarket parts might range from offering basic quality, while few might even surpass the OEM parts.

The reason why aftermarket parts are usually preferred by many car owners as well as auto body shopsthat they usually cost lesser than the OEM parts. But when it comes to replacing the safety features, relying on an aftermarket part  for a replacement purpose can go wrong, as none of the aftermarket parts will offer you any warranty.

What About UsingRecycled Auto Parts?

In the automotive market, there is a constant flow of manufacturing cars, while a good number of cars go to the recycling process, in order to save on natural resources and prevent wastage of materials.

Hence, in the market of automotive parts, you also get an option to replace your damaged car part with a salvaged one, or the one which has been used before. In every way this is a good option to lower your repair cost, while contributing to the green revolution, where you support the process of reusing and recycling of costly materials. Sometimes such parts can be even better in quality than its OEM counterparts, as it could be apart used in a higher end vehicle, says the expert from the Salisbury auto body shop.