Fashion, in other words, is the latest or most popular style of clothing, hair and other accessories. Do you also think that who creates fashion, or how trends are set that makes the fashion in dresses for women? If you have these questions in mind then we have this amazing article for you. After reading this piece of writing by the experts you’ll get to know how fashion trends for women are set.

How are fashion trends set?

In the past decades fashion originated just in the fashion houses and after they got covered by the big fashion magazines they used to reach the customers. So setting the fashion trends was just the monopoly of the large fashion houses and the magazines. But with time this trend has changed. With the advent of digital media, people have more access to the latest innovations in dresses for women and accessories. Though fashion houses still play an important role in the emergence of the fashion trends they are not the only sources. Let us read about the new ways in which fashion evolves these days.

  1. Runway Trends

Fashion designers take the opportunity to showcase their new designs through the runways. They create a moment in the viewer’s mind and they tend to follow a particular design apt for them. Most of the fashion trends are truly inspired by the events such as Fashion Week Milano, Paris, New York, etc. The fashion industry looks upon these events with anticipation to roll out their new collection of dresses for women.

We’ll give you an example. At New York Fashion Week 2014, DVF sent many crop top looks on the ramp. This has become the latest trend.

  1. Street Style

It is common human nature to get affected by the people around them. The same is reflected in the fashion trends also. ‘Street style’ has an impact on the people because they feel that it is easier to recreate this sense of dressing. They feel connected with their peers. The street trends emerge and end very soon. Every other day there is some style in dresses for women emerging out of the common people at the music concerts and other festivals.

  1. Inspired by celebrities

There is a big reason behind the popular brands endorsing the celebrities for the promotion of their brand. The costumes worn by the celebrities have a great impact on their fans. They tend to follow it as their own style. In fact, these days fashion magazines have taken a back seat as compared to the celebrities. Fans look upon them to copy their style of wearing clothes, accessories and other items. There are a lot of examples where trends have been set by what the celebrities wear, whether it is accessories, clothes, or shoes.

  1. Fashion bloggers

Use of the Internet is at its peak these days. The power of digital media is no hidden from anyone out here. Fashion bloggers write what goes on in the minds of the common people. Even the designers look up to these bloggers who write about the need of the people. So basically the trends emerge from their minds. So undoubtedly, fashion bloggers are ruling the trend setting in dresses for women. Instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. inspire people to follow these blogs and learn why these styles are vogue. And moreover, various studies have also shown that people spend most of their time surfing the Internet on social media. Obviously, they cannot remain unaffected by it.

Online shopping websites like,, etc., follow these latest fashion trends and bring the best collection to you. Fashion is an ever changing phenomenon, so keep your eye on it.