So you’re now ready to buy a bike to ride it to your work or maybe for pleasure. Whatever is your reason, it’s time for you to consider the essentials needed for your bike. Whether you are a casual rider, a mountain biker, you take your bike on busy roads, or you travel a long distance, the things you need for your bicycle are still the same. Listed below are the essentials you have to consider in a bike.

  • Air Pump

Bicycles always need an air pump. For some obvious reasons, you need to have this at home as it will make you waste so much time pushing your bike to a vulcanizing shop every time your tire is flat. It’s imperative to take with you the air pump on your biking trip, although it’s not easy to cramp it to your pockets and, even if you can attach it to a bike, you’ll feel uncomfortable. But remember, always take the air pump whenever you leave home, chances of a flat tire can happen anytime.

  • Flat repair kit and tire levers

For long distance bicycling, it’s essential to bring with you a spare tube, a repair kit, and tire levers to help release the tire from the rim when you need to change the faulty tube with a good one.

  • Extra cloth

Maybe you always leave home with your favorite clothes, but it’s just important to bring extra cloth because of the unpredictable weather. Just roll a T-shirt or light jacket in the pocket of your pants, in case of weather change, it could help you stay out of the cold weather while you descend back to a flat ground after a long ascent to higher ground.

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  • Plastic bag

We know plastics can ruin the environment and won’t deteriorate for another thousand years. But this piece of plastic can be of great help to your bike trip. Smartphone, credit card or some cash can be carried safely in the rear pockets of your pants, but what if there’s a thunderstorm with some rain showers. You can keep dry your valuables in a plastic bag, and it will ensure you a safe ride without losing anything during your trip.

  • Water

Water is, of course, the most essential that you should not forget to take on your biking trip. Just remember not to forget to refill your bottle when bicycling on a long journey. While many neglects in doing so, the others assume that half bottle is enough to finish the trip. When you have neglected the last refilling opportunity and nothing left in a bottle, you will get to do a never-ending search of water. When your energy deteriorates, you may collapse and wait for a rescue.

Bicycles are flooding the streets of Melbourne nowadays because of the great benefits it gives to every rider. The progear bikes Melbourne can help give you an idea on the essentials you have to consider in a bicycle.