Several core businesses are using tactical ways to strengthen customer relations and one of them is outbound marketing. Progressive organisations are contemplating beyond the traditional idea of telemarketing to engage unique and simplified opportunity to shape well-tailored relationship with customers and work effortlessly to launch a brand with the current customer foundation. This is possible only through outbound calling. Therefore, when used efficiently outbound call centrecan be established as an important aspect of customer support service in order to cater solutions related to queries and engage customers to provide a pleasant experience. Positive attitude towards clients is effective for outbound sales but the core task to satisfy prospects should be taken into account rather than conversion.

What is proactive customer care and how is it helpful?

Proactive customer care services are considered to be the aptitude of business organisations to predict client complaints and concerns beforehand the occurrence of any customer related problem. It is a process meant to impress and amaze your customers. It allows you to detect and react to customer issues before the problem turns out to a massive outrage for customer pain points. Proactive customer service grants you the competence to attain customer queries before they reach the convulsion point and become agitated.

Moreover, from a customer’s point of view this process is considered to be a fruitful and discreet solution. The proactive approach bails out the time for customers which are otherwise wasted on finding the solution. Further to this it also helps customers to breach monotony within the firm by offering quicker and easier solutions for myriad businesses.

Tools that re used in an outstanding outbound call centre to generate and monitor customer activity can be a source of invaluable feedback from consumers. Implanted on the consumer feedback, an organisation can make conversant product design resolutions. It will also help in creating resources to solve problems without encompassing an agent.

Last but not the least proactive customer service allows organisations to manifest optimal methods to seek help on through the activated business website. Telephone calls exhaust hefty expenditure and are time-consuming therefore instead of these expensive measures you can escort clients to either go for self-service options or use more extensible platform such as chat or email.

It’s time to go proactive mode

Proactive customer service is proficient in helping customers during the time of disaster or diffusion faced by the organisation. It can handle difficult situation with supplementary measures such as

  • Informing the disaster consequences on social media channels which will affect their customers as well while communicating through numerous networks.
  • Another effective measure is to pin a big message stating the same information.
  • Suppose if the disaster internal or external have affected the organisation severely and cannot be resolved quickly, they will develop an email campaign to inform every customer about what is happening within the organisation and their inability to function smoothly.
  • A steadfast status page to show if the problem is solve or the disruptions are still going on.

To keep problems under the wraps and waiting for customers to behind the curtain is the most unfavorable decision an organisation can take. Letting customer know that something worst has striked their industry will apparently build connection between the customer and the company because everyone needs to be feel wanted at some point of time. By informing them you are undeniably considering your consumers as a part of your organsisation. Moreover, it is a gesture of respect and will save you a hefty load of time.

Briefly, speaking an outstanding outbound call centre will free overloaded burden associated with those poor inbound agents who strive all day with customers to explain “how to plug and connect their cord with the brain so that they finally use their brain to reboot the mechanised system.” once you are capable of categorising the target market and how they respond to your modifications, you can design supplementary programs that will match the need of the target audience.