Before any marriage proposal, one is bound to get nervous even when they are sure that the answer will be a ‘’yes.’’ As much as there is no wrong or right way to break the news, there are some applicable dos and don’ts to guide you during this period. According to an expert from listing, these simple tips make sure that there is no challenge during the proposal. For all those who are planning to propose in the future, follow this article for more details.

The Dos of a Marriage Proposal

  • Do have some light – testing the waters is very necessary. Before the proposal, you should make sure that the issue of getting married has been discussed and your partner agrees with it. This not only gives you the confidence you need but also makes sure there is no heartbreak or pressure on your proposal day.
  • Do find the right engagement ring – ladies adore this piece of jewelry more than anything else. Men can prove how much they love and care about a lady through the type of engagement ring they put on their lady’s finger. There are some rules used to buy an engagement ring that include the three-month salary rule or one-month salary rule depending on what they can afford. It is a must that you buy one that fits the taste of your partner.
  • Do pick a perfect spot – marriage proposal is not something you can do anywhere or anytime. As much as we have seen different selections of locations, people must have made many considerations before settling on such a location. It should be comfortable to both parties.
  • Do drop on one knee – it is the traditional way we have always seen on TV and in the restaurants. Your partner will be expecting this from you. Do not disappoint her no matter howbig your ego is.

The Don’ts of a Marriage Proposal

  • Don’t propose before her family – the family matters to your partner but this is a relationship affair that must be kept between the two of you. Most ladies takeoffense when a marriage proposal is done before family members.
  • Don’t make it public – in the same way that you cannot propose before the family, it is also not good to propose on a match day at the arena or on the streets. This little event makes ladies show their true emotions, and they do not wish to do it infront of the whole world including the paparazzi.
  • Don’t propose when the relationship is too young –why is there haste to propose just a few months after you meet your partner? It is good to take your time and get to know each other. The older the relationship is, the more people can cope with each other’s There is a high probability of getting a no as the answer if the relationship is too young.
  • Don’t expect a yes always – sometimes the partner may say no if they are not prepared either to get married or start a new life with you. This is common when the proposal is done too early in the relationship. The lady may also panic and lack the words to comment at the moment but say yes later.


With the above insights, people with intentions to make a marriage proposal in the future can do so without any challenges.