Australia is a continent-country which is known for its immense aesthetic beauty as well as tourist attractions. While you may have often heard of merrymakers traveling to Australia to get soaked it the wonders of nature, there are also plenty of those who flock to this location in the southern hemisphere to get the best education possible for their careers. Thus, it comes as no surprise that there are several aspiring workers who require a visa for their permanent stay in Australia in order to give themselves a boost on the economic front.

Under the Employer Nomination Scheme of Australia, you can choose any of the following three streams to get working there.

  • Temporary Residence Transition Stream
  • Direct Entry Stream
  • The Labor Agreement Stream

The Direct Entry Stream resident visa for Australia is what pertains to the most. It implies that you will get the visa, even if you have no prior work experience in Australia, but in that case, your new employer must be ready to provide sponsorship for your permanent residence.

How to get your Direct Entry Stream business visa for Australia?

Since we all know how difficult and tricky it is to get a visa, a reliable and note-worthy agent is what is highly desired. This is obvious because there are many formalities that need to be completed and the visa forms must be hundred percent accurate. Besides your forms, your other documents and interview questions also need to be tackled with utmost precision. Thus, they only key to help you get through is an expert consultant ’s services who have considerable experience in the field and know the process in depth. His guarantee service helps you procure your Direct Entry Stream visa for Australia successfully. Now, you must be wondering about the basic requirements for your desired visa to work as a permanent resident in the island-continent. Read ahead to know the criteria for application:

  • It is mandatory for an Australian employer to nominate you.
  • Your age must be below 45 years.
  • You need to meet the character requirements as stated by the country and your employer.
  • You must be able to meet the health requirements as stated by the country and your employer.
  • It is mandatory for you to meet the English language requirements and skills requirements for the relevant position that you have applied for.
  • Be able to fulfill any other condition that is attached to you Direct Entry Stream Visa.

The visa process takes time. It may take a few months to few years to have the direct Entry scheme visa Australia if you wish to work there without any hassle lawfully. It is highly imperative for you to note that in 75% of the cases, it takes around eight months for the application to be processed. However, it is all worth it because you get benefits such as staying in Australia indefinitely as well as applying for Medicare and Australian citizenship as once you are there, you can achieve the dreams of your life.