Motor oil is a vital component that makes the engine work. It is the engine capacity that determines how much motor oil a vehicle will need. For example, if a vehicle is powered by a 4-cylinder engine, then usually five quarts of oil will suffice. Likewise avehicle with 6-cylinder engine will need six quarts, while the V8 engine powered vehicle will require eight measures of the motor oil. Though you might have got your answer and do not feel like reading the rest of the article, we have something important to share, which will help you maintain your car well in the long run.

We got this piece of information from a team of auto mechanics of the Cherry Hill oil change service center. What they explained to us appeared to be not only intriguing but also cleared many of our preconceived notions that needed to be refreshed.

The Role of Motor Oil in a Vehicle

The necessity of motor oil is mostly to lubricate the vital parts of the engine, but it also helps in reducing thebuilt up heat inside the engine compartmentby reducing the friction between all the parts. Some of the modern vehicles now come with an oil cooler while some other are equipped with special engine systems that are in particular designed to reduce the heat further. But in every case, the importance of the motor oil stays the same, as it also cleansthe deposits and other contaminants that keep getting accumulated in several parts of the engine.

How a Timely Oil Change Helps

Changing the motor oil in a vehicle from time to time is one of the key maintenance jobs that is done to reduce the wear and tear of the several engine parts. This is so because over time the motor oil starts losing its level of viscosity that affects the overall effectiveness of it as a lubricant. So, it isn’t enough to know your vehicle’s engine capacity to determine how much motor oil it will need the next time.

Why theEngine Size Determines the Amount of Oil to be Used

Most of the engines will require 5 to 8 quarts of oil, depending upon the size of the engine it has got under its hood. The smaller the size of the engine, the lesser amount of oil will be required to fill up the entire volume of the engine cylinder.But the amount can also differ depending on some factors, like how often or how late you are changing the motor oil, and if theexisting oil filter is capable of doing its job perfectly, while performing an oil change.

Other Ways to Know the Amount

As demonstrated by the mechanical team of the oil change service in Cherry Hill, there are some other ways to know the exact oil capacity of your vehicle engine. The first authentic resource will be the owner’s manual, where inside the vehicle specifications section, you’ll find it mentioned. If you want to cross check you can visit the manufacturer’s company website and search for your model to find out the Fluid Capacity.