Whether you are hosting a luncheon or a mini holiday celebration for your friends, a tea party is perfect to create a fun-filled experience. You can make it more elegant and stylish by serving the tea the right way. Choosing the tea set or cups and high tea plates at Ashdene, your presentation is pivotal to breathe life in your party.

Interestingly, your tea party need not be conventional anymore. You can choose any theme that decides table decorations and the type of tea you would serve. Tea parties in modern times are an eclectic blend of presentation elements that create a unique look. Here are some theme-based tea table decoration ideas to make it an exclusive spree and leave your guests with ensuring memories.

  • Victorian table

If you are a fan of tradition, a victorian tea party theme is ideal for you. It brings all the elements of the conventional English tea, follows all the rules, and is formal in all respect. Using an antique fine china teapot instantly takes you to the victorian era.

For decoration, you can use flowers, candles, and lace table cloth, and doilies under the cups. The theme is mostly suitable for an afternoon party that is emblemed with a traditional menu including traditional tea sandwiches with no crust.

  • Princess theme

This theme is most enjoyed for an all-girl tea party. Every girl’s heart pumps for that princess feel and aristocracy. Amp up the table settings with princessy elements such as crowns, tiaras, and a lot of purple and pink.

Fancy cups can also make everything look more majestic. Add pink flowers and cupcakes as decoration pieces to create fuller tables. Lace clothes, artificial pearls, glitters, shiny confetti stars can also add to the magic.

  • Tea party table for birthday

A tea party for a birthday! Yes, it is a big thumbs up. You can ditch those regular dinners and drinks for your birthday. Rather, choose a tea party to satiate your classy self. A tea birthday party gives creates an experience that has panache and unique.

You can use balloons for decoration and create a beautiful centerpiece with a small cake. Use confetti and birthday hats on the tables to give it a party look. You can choose the color scheme based on the favorite color of the main guest.

  • Tea party table for baby shower

A tea party can turn your regular baby shower into a spectacular royal get-together. If you know the gender of the baby, you can choose a color scheme to reflect that. Otherwise, you can mix blue and pink or go for colors neutral colors like green or yellow.

You can use fresh flowers bouquet at the center of each table and add baby shower elements to the decoration. For instance, replace the napkin rings with a diaper pin and place a few baby toys on each table.

  • The country chic style

Teacups are available in a huge variety of styles and designs. This implies that you need not stick to one pattern while choosing your cups. You can create interesting tables by mix and matching cups and creating a unique setup for each table.

It allows you to add a splash of colors and bring the country chic style alive. You can use a tablecloth that goes with one of the cup’s colors and tie the same colored ribbon to the back of the chairs.