Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, in short or abbreviated as HMRC contact numbers, is one of the department of government that takes care of the governance matters related to national insurance, income tax, PAYE systems and other related benefits that include Child Benefits.

Because of the heavy issues involved in the working hours of the HMRC contact numbers, they tend to be dealing a vast majority number of calls that they receive everyday and attend all such issues accordingly with all the departments. In order to reach out to the each and every phone call that they receive every day, the Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs office has provided the below mentioned contact numbers, through which the people can reach out to their designated departments and convey their issues to the respective officers to get them resolved at the earliest.

The HMRC opines that the provision of Phone them HMRC contact numbers, for each department, answers well to the issue of rush, thereby avoiding long phone queues, and have them answered with proper responses in a quick manner.

The unique HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) contact number is 08727227003. This number can be used to convey issues and disputes related to matters such as national insurance payment related matters, or also matters related to PAYE systems. Moreover, this general Phone Them HMRC Contact numbers can also be used to receive advises about requesting to make any changes in the circumstances that might have an effect on the benefits that you or anyone else receives.

The government department of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) also has provided various other contact numbers for several other departments through which the people can call upon to address their relevant issues. Take a note of these numbers of the various departments:

HMRC Tax Contact Number – 08727227090

Through this number the people can address various tax related issues and matters to the concerned officers of the tax department and get those tax related issues resolved at the earliest possible time. Whether there is tax payment due that has to be paid or if it is about an overpayment of tax that you have made in the past, all such tax related disputes and issues can be resolved at the earliest. If any particular person is a self employed person and wants to go through a self assessment of his or her tax, then such disputes and issues can also be resolved immediately.

HMRC Tax Refund Contact Number – For matters related to HMRC Tax Refund, the people can contact this number – 08727227093.

HMRC Self Assessment Contact Number – For matters related to self assessment of tax related and other related issues, the people can contact this number – 08727227095.

HMRC Child Benefit Contact Number – If your child is facing certain issues or if there are any benefits that a particular child in any family has to get, then the people can contact this number – 08727227091. Attending to the issues and matters related to children is very important to make them feel secure and safe and so, the government department has provided this number.