Colours are the most important part of the wedding. In the perfectly organized wedding everyone is dressed in the colour according to the theme and according to their role in the wedding and even in the lives of bride and groom. Being careful about colours is very important because not only you need to dress appropriate to your age but there are certain colours that will look good on the certain age group especially at a wedding. That is mostly when you want the wedding to be organized and you can wear any colour you want in your everyday routine but to make your daughter’s day perfect where everyone is looking the part you need to find a dress made of appropriate colour. Here are the few tips that will help you decide the right colour dress for your daughter’s big day


You can coordinate your dress with the bridesmaid dresses. It’s not necessary for you to wear the same colour dress the bridesmaids are wearing but you can find a dress in same colour tone Like of the bridesmaids have decided on the lavender colour dresses you can find the one in plum colour. Similarly,if they are doing the brighter shades you can choose the lighter shade in the same tone and even the pastel colours of that tone.


You can go in contrast to the bridesmaid’s dresses. If they’re going for the red colour dress you can find a black one and the vice versa. Try not to choose brighter colours so that you will look at your age. You can have contrast with your own husband like f he is going black you can find a dress in burgundy or maroon colour and if he is going blue you can find the pink coloured or peach coloured dress. All in all, you should look great in your daughter’s wedding pictures and also her memories.


You don’t also have to go for the single colour mother of the bride dresses but in fact, you can find the dresses with a pattern. If you are a plus size woman find plus size mother of the bride dresses with patterns because they will also help you look smarter. There are a lot of patterns that make you look lean and you can opt for those but choosing a pattern to dress totally depends on the wedding theme. If you really want a dress with the pattern you can have it go through with your daughter ad if she approves of it then go for it.


You can choose pastel colours since they are in fashion these days and being the mother of the bride they will look good on you since you have to wear lighter colours. You can also go for the grey, sea green and light blue colours if it is day wedding and if it is a nighttime event then you can choose the dark coloured dresses like plum, burgundy, black,and other darker shades