If you are thinking of taking Anavar and combine it with other synthetic anabolic steroids, you can get great results because Anavar alone is great for cutting and bulking. There are many important Anavar cycle tips but make sure first that you know what you’re getting into. Of course, with the proper exercise routine and healthy diet, you’ll be achieving the results that you have always wanted. Isn’t that great?

Well, after knowing that Anavar can also be a great idea, you’ll need to know more about it. If you want to start using it with other performance enhancers to enhance your bodybuilding experience, you’ll need to know how each of the components works in order for you to not underestimate it. Because it is deemed mild by most bodybuilders (which is why it is used mostly by women), they usually take it in higher doses for best results. Sometimes they take it as high as 100 mg.

What is an Anavar Cycle?

Anavar is great for bulking and cutting phases because it preserves the muscles that you have already gained. It is much better if you stack it up with other steroids. But if you plan on stacking up with Anavar, you need to be aware of your metabolism, frame, and hormones because it can very well affect all of it ones you have started. If you are a beginner, you have to keep in mind that there is no perfect cycle for Anavar.

Anavar Only Cycle

Without a doubt, men can get good solid results from an Anavar cycle, but for the most part, Anavar provides the most benefit to females. For men, it is best used as a standalone supplement for cutting only. This means that the objective is to lose and cut body fats only. Men can start by taking 50 mg for the first two weeks and increase it to 60 mg on the 3rd week and then 80 on the 4th week. The dosage will decrease to 70 mg on the 5th week as it will go back to 80 mg again on the 6th week. The dosage will end at 100 mg on the 8th week which is the end of the cycle.

Potential Side Effects of an Anavar only Cycle

Anavar has the potential to suppress testosterone production enough to affect your mood, libido, and sexual performance. All of this can occur in just a few short days, so athletes and bodybuilders who are interested in using this steroid should consider supplementing with exogenous testosterone in order to combat the potential side effects associated with testosterone suppression. For women, they can disrupt menstrual cycle. You can also get a deep voice, severe acne and your high blood pressure may increase.

Before deciding, making sure that Anavar may be good to you is the first thing that you should find out. There are a lot of people or bodybuilders who choose Anavar as supplements only to help lose body fats and some stack it with other steroids to combat the side effects that Anavar may give. Choosing what’s right for you is a first.