In everyday life, a wallet is a very practical thing that is used to store credit cards, bills, receipts, passports, money, changes, photographs and identity documents, etc. Compared to normal wallets, branded wallets are always popular with people because of high quality. Like other Louis Vuitton products, Louis Vuitton’s portfolio is one of the best sellers. Therefore, it is very important for us to learn more about this before buying.

Let’s start with some classic Louis Vuitton wallets.

Firstly, in terms of the type of closure, the lv wallets are of three types: fastening the lock, closing the zipper and closing the bolts (or closing the closure).

Secondly, in terms of style, the lv wallet is classified as Sarah’s wallet, the Zippy wallet, the Insolite wallet, the international wallet, the Alexander wallet and the Koala wallet, etc. Basically, different styles of wallets come in lines of common linear materials, such as canvases monograms, denser canvases, multi-colored monograms, vernis monograms, colossus skin, etc.


* Louis Vuitton Sarah Wallet has a fork flap closure. Basically, it has a large pocket for invoices and receipts, two check and paper compartments in the front and behind a zip pocket, a coin-operated zip pocket, ten credit card slots (four in the front and six in the front). inside). Therefore, we can see that Sarah’s wallet is designed for multiple uses. This may be one of your options.

Third, in terms of features, the following three styles of portfolios are highly recommended.

* The Louis Vuitton Eugenie Wallet monogram canvas M60123 is designed with the wallet and clutch function at night. Its appearance looks elegant and feminine. In addition, practicality with its large size makes it an ideal wallet for women.

* Canvas monograms Louis Vuitton PortefuilleAccordeon M58008 – a lovely clutch purse. With the exception of the function of the common wallets, a removable gold chain makes it usable on the shoulder. Thus, a bag with a chain looks like a small typical city bag.

* Louis Vuitton canvas monographs M61723 – a very practical wallet. The unique double zip design is a focus of attention. This makes the interior design very agile and the use is also very convenient.

After reviewing the above information, you can say that it is now very easy to choose the DFO Louis Vuitton. The last advice I can give is that you can buy Louis Vuitton cheap products through Louis Vuitton online, which will save you more money. For more information, see our Louis Vuitton store.