Unless you chose to go with a shower screen, shower curtains are considered being of basic necessity. There are many advantages in using a shower curtain.Firstly the theme of your bathroom décor can be defined if they are a central point while entering into the bathroom. These are available in different sizes, colours, and styles which are making it easy for you to coordinate with other accessories of the bathroom, though whatever the theme of your bathroom décor might be.

For instance, when the guest’s visits home and you want your bathroom to look neater than the curtain can either be closed to hide the bath tub or it can be left open for showing off the dazzlingly glistening porcelain. There are some of the factors which are to be taken into account if shower curtains have to benefit such as the personal preference of maintenance, long term plans and budget.

Purpose of a shower curtain

Once the curtain material is decided by you as per the theme of your bathroom décor then it should be made sure that the following features or purposes are fulfilled by the shower curtains material that has been chosen by you:

  • It should be able to provide you with some privacy.
  • It should be able to keep off water from the floor.
  • It should be easily manageable and washable.

Benefits of using shower curtains

Are you getting confused between what to choose a shower curtain or a shower screen? Here are the following top 5 benefits that come along while choosing shower curtains.

Be smart:

The best option that is available with shower curtains are they can be custom made that is, it can be customizable with the color, texture, and size you wish for. Options such as curtains with fun images or prints can be made as well.

No problem with curves:

This is one of the best benefits that are made available with shower curtains which suits curves. If showers are situated in the bathtub, then this would be especially suitable for those. In such a scenario a better fit is provided by a shower curtain where it reduces the amount of water that is splashed in the rest of the room.


For creating the illusion of a large space the shower curtains can be draped strategically. This would be mainly beneficial for small bathrooms since it will be enhancing the existing space and allows the users to enjoy the stay in. They can be tied on either of the ends when they are not in use, which takes up less physical space in comparison to a solid screen.

Can be customized easily:

Do you get joy in refreshing the style of your home with soft furnishings constantly? In that case,curtains would be great choice. They can be switched up easily which changes the mood of the bathroom instantly.

Soft look:

For adding an appealing look to your bathroom choosing curtains would be a great option. A feeling of warmth and coziness is created by them,particularly when it is contrasted with the sterile and sharp designs of bathroom décor.

Source: showercurtainsspecialist.com