When companies look for personnel for their workforce, they are faced with the inevitable problem of choosing the right people to join the team. And when they call for applications for the job vacancy, they have an unending stream of people each of whom seem more qualified than the previous. So, how do they solve this problem?

Psychometric test screening

In every concern in Japan, Australia, and all over the world, they have the same problem. So much so, they must resort a screening test that will help them bring the numbers down and get the best candidate too at the same time. This screening test is the assessment test. And in the use of psychometric tests Malaysia knows no peer. They have the best software companies who create the tests that help to filter the candidates so the only the best qualify.

The aim of the psychometric testing is to identify the behavioural and mental mechanism. This helps to identify whether the person will be a good fit for the work. The match with the personality and cognitive abilities helps the company choose the good guys and eliminate the bad fits. This keeps the quality of the selected candidates at a prominent level.

The various stages of psychometric testing include diagrammatic reasoning, verbal analysis, numerical aptitude, error checking, and spatial analysis skill. Each of these test point at one skill or knowledge that the candidate possesses. For instance, in the error checking or abstract reasoning test, the candidates must demonstrate their ability to link ideas and come to conclusions. This is useful for people who get a field job and face unfamiliar situations that need a quick solution.

Numerical reasoning is needed for those who work on analysis and study of data. The ability to look at charts and deduce and use the results to predict market behaviour is extremely useful. These people need to have knowledge of statistics, graphs and data analysis.

Verbal reasoning tests

In the verbal reasoning test, the candidate is tested for his or her ability to understand the language and derive the meaning from the communications. They need to have the ability to express themselves in the proper and fitting manner so that the team members can link and understand what they say.

Spatial analysis test is needed for those who work in warehouses or workshops where space management is a prominent issue. The candidate must demonstrate the ability to rearrange the spaces to the best advantage. This means he uses the space in the best way. This needs special imaginative skills. If they apply for such work, they will be tested for this skill.

Logical testing of the candidates

The candidates will be tested for logical reasoning. This is the to find how much reasonable the person is. This kind of reasoning is sometimes called the deductive reasoning test. This is because they must come to the result by deduction or by following a logical pattern.

You get the best candidate who top the list in the psychometric test. Firms who choose the best candidates in this manner save time and effort. They also avoid choosing misfits for the job.