There are fewer bigger rushs that you can get in life than driving a massive army tank around a specifically made track. No, you can’t fire the gun, they’ve all been decommissioned, but you can have a go at paintball. Where can I have these Tank Driving Days I hear you scream? Try this website to get started. What can you do when you’re there?

I’m glad that you asked me that question because there is quite a lot that you can do. The Armourgeddon site boasts a fantastic array of activities that we bring out the lad in you. Let’s have a look at the bad boy you going to be taking around.

It’s the workhorse of the British army the FV432. This chap would be responsible for getting our boys in and out for some pretty hairy situations. It’s fast and manoeuvrable, mainly so that it’s hardto be hit. Not that anything is going to be fired at you! First things first, you’ll be kitted out in the proper attire as befits a tank driver and then taken thought he history of the FV432. The basics of that are it was built in 1962 until 1971, 3000 were made and now about 1500 remain in service as a support unit as they’ve been superseded by the Warrior APC. You can pick them up quite cheaply if you fancy it though you won’t be allowed to take them out on public roads. Better then to use one of Armourgeddons.

After that its time for a bit of health and safety, yes, it is important, you are about to drive a tonnage weighing tank after all. Then you get some instruction in how to drive one. It’s not the hard, but thereis no steering wheel just two sticks. Guess what? Two sticks forward mean’s it goes forward, pull them back and it reverses. Put the right stick forward and it turns left. Put the left stick forward it goes right. Simple. Now go and drive it over that assault course.

Don’t worry the instructor will take your round first so that you get the idea in a practical manner then it’s in the seat looking out the top, so you can see where your going and off round the course remembering all the details the instructor told you. Once that’s done you het another go, but this time you going to be driving it looking through the observance slit only. In war you wouldn’t have the luxury of wandering around with the top up. After that you have one last go and you can try it open lidded or top down.

It’s a testing course as you would expect based on the armies actually grounds. You’ll feel ten feet tall afterwards and be glad you’re not as it would be an impossibly tight squeeze if you were. Get rolling!