There are many ways to earn or buy bitcoins. But because bitcoin is digital does not make it very simple to come along. Given are some best methods that need your money, time, or both to earn free bitcoin. You can consider diversifying the collection strategies and bring in some more.

Exchange money for bitcoin

The cryptocurrency exchanges will allow you buy bitcoin & other currency by using your credit cards, PayPal payments or bank transfers. The popular exchanges online include Bitstamp, Bitfinex, as well as Coinbase. You also can exchange your money for BTC in person at Bitcoin ATM, bank, retail store, or straight with a person.

Take bitcoin as a payment

Just share the bitcoin address with the shoppers (personally or on internet) and you have to display “Bitcoin accepted” sign. You can also consider selling out goods or services for the bitcoin on websites.

Complete certain tasks to earn bitcoin

The websites are known as “bitcoin faucets” and exchange BTC for time —playing games, or watching ads, and writing about the cryptocurrency. Whereas this is the legitimate (seemingly easy) method to earn free bitcoin, return on investment of the time is little.

Facts about bitcoins

Get interest from lending BTC

Suppose you have bitcoin, then you can put this to work and earn more. You can consider lending the bitcoin and getting interest payments. You may do it with your friend or peer or through the website called Bitbond.

Get tipped with BTC

There are some websites that provide bitcoin incentives for various types of the tasks or odd jobs. Some websites can tip in BTC by taking surveys, answering some questions, or sharing the content.

Important to Note: Bitcoin is highly volatile. The trading price will fluctuate huge dollars in matter of some hours. Whereas some people treat BTC as daily currency, some people buy bitcoin just like stock, it means they buy them, leave it, and sell the bitcoins when price skyrockets.

How to Store & Use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is quite unique in how it is stored … you cannot quite tuck this under the mattress or toss in the piggy bank. But, you have to use bitcoin wallets. The bitcoin wallet is just like the physical wallet. However, instead of storing currency itself, the wallet stores your private keys that are linked to bitcoins you will spend. The bitcoin wallets will allow you see your BTC balance & make any payments to others.