Over the past 5 years from the United Kingdom, the new network marketing business has grown impressively so much so that there are now 150,000 members in 140 countries. So, how to start lottery business? What makes this business unique is that it does not have a physical product. What he offers is membership in the UK and Euro Million lottery syndicates.

Ticket to the lottery

In the UK, a ticket to the lottery worth £ 1 ($ 2) and the euro cost 1.50 US dollars (US $ 3), and the average cost of households in the lottery ticket is about 5.37 pounds according to the statistics. To join Virtual World Direct, the company that manages the union, costs 5 pounds (US $ 10) per week and therefore participates in the weekly sweepstakes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The Euro Millions draw, he has a weekly quota of 36 rows for £ 5 ($ 10), but the jackpot is usually more than 60 million pounds.

Being a part of a union, the chances that you are a winner increase significantly by 702%. The lottery can be played from anywhere in the world, and all winnings are paid as a lump sum without paying taxes.

A business opportunity is to become a partner and introduce other players to trade unions. The only offer for the sale is that the player can participate in each lottery and receive your winnings directly anywhere in the world without doing any action after registering to become a member.

how to start lottery business


For every player that registers, a member receives a commission of 20%, which amounts to £ 1 ($ 2) for each week of the player remains a member of a union. If a new member of the union decides to introduce people, they will also receive a weekly fee of 5% for each of these administrations. With 5 members, you effectively play the lottery for free. If you then continue and enter more, you will be on track to generate regular monthly residual income. In the United Kingdom, there are people who earn 5 and 6 digits of income from their downlines.

Affiliated person

To become an affiliated person, it costs £ 4,99 per year, which covers the cost of accommodation and your own website. When a person becomes a member of the whitelotto, they have access to “administrative office” of your website, where they will find a large amount of educational material to help them build their business. In addition, some of the major affiliates also provide their own groups with additional study materials and offline to help them.

It is important to distinguish whitelotto from those “enriched schemes” that continue to appear and disappear with great monotony. Here are the facts, whitelotto was launched in 2010 and now has nearly 150,000 members worldwide. He is a member of the United Kingdom lottery, and in such a carefully controlled industry, if there was a bit of a problem, they would have been closed long ago.