If you open up your laptop computer or your tablet, you might notice that its battery looks different from other devices. Probably, your device might be running on Lithium Polymer batteries or more commonly known as “Lipo” batteries.

These are the newest type of batteries that are now mainly used in different electronic devices especially in the radio control industry for the past years, and now it is very popular among consumers around the world.

LiPo batteries compared to other types of batteries available in the market has several advantages and benefits and with that said, here are some of the best benefits that one can get from using LiPo batteries.

Compared to the conventional nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries that you usually see in the market, LiPo batteries are much lighter, and can be shaped in many forms and comes in different sizes according to the electronic device’s requirements which makes it very convenient to use.

Also, it has a higher power capacity that allows the electronic device to gain maximum use of it in a long period of time that usually lasts several days without being charged. It also has a higher discharge rate which means that it has more power compared to regular batteries.

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The voltage or the cell count of a LiPo battery cell has a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts for a 7.4-volt battery and above. This means that LiPo batteries use two cells in a series that gets added voltage when it is powered together.

Its capacity on the other hand, has an average of 12,000 milliamps per hour, but the power of a LiPo battery depends on its size, but LiPo batteries are mostly used in personal electronic devices.

Some smartphone brands out there use LiPo batteries that are very pervasive in mobile devices, power banks, and the new generation of laptop computers as well as video game console controllers, wireless controllers, portable media players, wireless personal computer peripherals, e-cigarettes, and a lot of electronic devices that we use regularly.

Also, electric vehicles are run in Lithium-ion cells that come in a pouch. LiPo batteries are used for some electric car manufacturers as part of its research to developing a larger version of LiPo batteries for heavy-duty use. The higher energy content per cell, the number of cells and the electrical connections in a battery pack will dramatically decrease the danger associated with using individual cells that have a higher capacity.

One of the most notable uses of LiPo batteries can be seen in Hyundai Motor Company’s hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles that are now having its prototype running effectively and smoothly on the road by using the best LiPo charger.

LiPo batteries have gone a very long way since it was first developed and used in 1992 by Sony. Commercially, LiPo batteries now replace the previous nickel-metal hydride batteries as the technology gets more advanced by developing a more and more electronic device that provides more convenience to consumers that LiPo batteries play a key role in giving the much-needed power to these products in order for it to function optimally.