It needs no explanation, when we say, a brake repair cannot wait. We all know that what will be the consequences, if the brake system in a vehicle fails to respond in time. Yes, the most important in all this is Time. A timely brake response can save lives, while a little delay can take it away. But what does a brake repair service include? Who and all offer such services? Well, if you own a Honda car, you won’t have to take trouble, your own Honda dealership will take care of everything. But before we go deeper into the most common brake services they provide, we need to know a bit about these repair works in advance. We gathered a clear explanation about these brake repairs from the mechanical experts of the Petaluma Honda service center.

Signs of Trouble

The first thing to keep in mind about car brakes repair is that, in the modern days, most of the standard car models like Honda come equipped with a wear indicator that indicates a trouble by sticking out from the assembly of brake pad. The other way of knowing if the brakes of your car is in trouble, you have to watch if the car is making squealing sound, whenever you’re applying the brakes, or if the brake pads are giving a sticky feeling.

Replacement of Brake Pads or Shoes

This falls under the basic maintenance aspects when it comes to car brake repairs. The carbrake pad replacement is usually recommended by the manufacturer after crossing every 20,000 miles. They say so to keep you on the safer side. Some latest models can also extend that interval till you cross 50,000 while some might need it after the car crosses a 10,000 miles with an existing pair of brake pads.

Replacing the Brake Lines

The lines in abrake system play the role of carrying the brake fluid from the master cylinder and distribute it to all the parts of the brake system. This fluid is required to keep each of the brake components well lubricated and thus in a working order. For this it needs to be clean. If there is even a small hole in the brake lines, it will work in favor of contaminating the brake fluid. So, whenever you go for an oil change session for your Honda car, make sure to check out the brake lines. If the mechanics fin them worn out, you need to have an immediate replacement.

Part Replacement

There will be a long list of parts that compose the braking system of your car. Eventually many of them might require to be repaired or replaced, if they are damaged or worn out. If one or more of such parts are in bad condition, the Honda service near Petaluma will categorize such services as part replacement. It can include anything related to the car brake system, like the calipers, pins, pistons, springs, screws, metal arm, boots and shims to keep all the components work in perfect tune with each other.