The prime intent of Employers behind the Employee Handbook is to give reliable guidelines about the company’s working approach. They likewise use handbooks to portray working conditions and the working environment conduct and commitments they anticipate from all the employees. The handbook is a source of guidelines for employees regarding their privileges and obligations however it likewise goes about as a source of perspective guide for all business methodology.

Highlight Practices such as:

  • Gist about company history
  • The moral conduct of the organizations and set of rules to which employees should abide by.
  • Individual expectation about the organization
  • Gist about the work environment
  • Organizations work ethics
  • Company’s vision and their role in that
  • Annual holidays and other paid leaves if any should be mentioned
  • Salary process
  • Payroll and other dress code formalities

A few organizations put a ton of effort into their handbooks and acquaint them with their employees with a great deal of enthusiasm and then once in a blue moon discuss them. This shall not be done. In order to avoid this organization should initiate good communications from the very first moment by giving your handbook. One of the good practices about the employee handbook is that it should be updated from time to time considering the current scenario and drafting it accordingly. Following are the Do’s and Don’ts which you can refer as the best practice for your Employee Handbook.

Do’s For Practices Employee Handbook

  • Balance the policies curve in alignment
  • Describe your expectation
  • Inform them about Nature | History of the Company
  • Keep it open so that if they want to add their suggestions
  • Arrange discussion session
  • Make a certain set of rules for practicing Employee Handbook
  • Keep it simple language


  • Mention clauses which are essentially only
  • Don’t make it look like a contract
  • Do not over brag about the Company

An employee handbook should be drafted holding points in mind that portray an organization’s vision and how they want their employees to work. There should be a keen watch as well does the employees are really bound by this employee handbook or not. In order to maintain work balance, there should be the addition of outdoor events as well which indeed is a good approach from the perspective of employee orientation. A well-written employee handbook is a great way to introduce new staff to your organizational culture additionally, it’s pretty much important that you should receive an acknowledgment from the side of the employer which also demonstrate that they should abide by all the set of rules mentioned in this handbook.

Above are the details which focus and highlight the points which play an important point at the time of creating employee handbooks. Remember this handbook is the first impression of the company to your employee so it needs to be pretty much to the point on the doctrine of the company. More proficient your employee handbook is, the more it will assist you to draw credibility to retain new talents.

The article is originally prepared by Stratagyn Inc – HR Consultancy in Mumbai.