Making an inventory list of the things connected to the network is considered to be one of the most spread job duties of the network managers. This task should be done quite regularly as a network administrator needs to know what is actually operating on your network to be able to manage it effectively.

Inventory Software: a Handy Tool to Manage Your Network

Investigating a computer network to generate an inventory list can be done either manually or with the help of a network audit software. This is a special software that can be used to scan your network and reveal all devices connected to it.

Using a special software to investigate your network seems to be quite beneficial as:

  • These programs are very easy to use: you need to deploy them on your computer and determine the place where to store the data;
  • Most of inventory software doesn’t require the installation of the special agents on the remote machines to scan them;
  • You may determine the number of machines to be involved in the scanning process and the speed of the scanning process by skipping particular devices and setting timeouts;
  • The scanning process finishes with generating with a number of reports about the objects connected to the network.

Total Network Inventory: a Handy Tool to Scan Your Network

If you require an easy to use tool to investigate your network, you may always try your hands with Total Network Inventory (TNI). This program has a number of pros in comparison with its counterparts and here are some of them:

  • TNI has a very handy interface and doesn’t require special agents to be deployed on the remote computers;
  • With TNI, you may decide the number of machines to be scanned by choosing such options as IP networks, Windows networks or Active Directory;
  • When you use TNI, you need to use the credentials to log in remotely;
  • The important data about the network can be reached at View Details tab where you can see information about all software and hardware objects connected to the network;
  • TNI informs you about the machines that require the Windows updates or lack a good antivirus software installed;
  • The reports generated with the help of TNI can be completed with the custom information like installation data, price and etc.

Today, we have spoken about the main benefits of using inventory software. We hope that our post will help you organize your work better.